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File Download

Note: Other websites, please link to this page, rather than the files directly. Thanks.

Date: June 18, 2001
Name: Quake III Arena 1.29f Beta (Linux)
Size: 26.3 MB (27,545,046 bytes)
Source: id Software File
3D Gamers* Page File
PlanetMirror (Australia) File
  *Denotes multiple mirrors available.

From the readme file:

- NEW id CREATED PRO MAPS - One of our newer employees, Fred Nilsson, is an avid fan tournament style game play, and is very interested in the professional gaming community. Via feedback from professional Quake 3 players, Fred has made some modifications to some of the more popular maps that shipped with Quake 3 including “The Camp Grounds”, “Lost World”, “The Proving Grounds”, and “Vertical Vengeance” You can play them in the single player game by advancing to tier 7, or run them on your server by using the map names “PRO-Q3DM6”, “PRO-Q3DM13”, “PRO-Q3TOURNEY2” and, “PRO-Q3TOURNEY4”. These are a lot of fun! Give them a try!

- NEW NETWORK CODE - There is a new compression system built into the network code of the latest point release. Essentially, this reduces the bandwidth usage of Quake 3 and Team Arena by a ratio of 5:1 over previous versions of the game. Modem players, as well as everyone else, should experience a significant improvement in internet game play because of this.

- AUTO UPDATE SYSTEM - Within this release is an Auto Update system that can be used to at any time to check for and download updates to Quake 3 and Team Arena. When you install the point release a file will be created in your Quake III Arena directory and in the Start Menu called, “Check For Quake III Arena Updates”. Running this file will check our servers for updates and notify you if there is a newer version or inform you that your files are up to date. The auto updater will create a directory on your C: where downloaded updates will be stored. It is important that you DO NOT delete this directory. If you plan to uninstall Quake III, make sure to uninstall all of the point releases as well.

- NEW RAIL, ROCKET LAUNCHER, PLASMA GUN, and LIGHTNING GUN EFFECTS - There have been several new weapon effects that we’ve managed to sneak into this release. We’ve turned them off in the game by default, but you can enable them from the console by pressing the ~ key and typing the following commands:

\cg_oldRail 0 (enables the new rail effect)
\cg_oldRocket 0 (enables the new rocket effect)
\cg_oldPlasma 0 (enables the new plasma effect)
\cg_trueLightning 0.5 (enables the new lightning gun effect)
In addition, the colors of the new rail effect can be changed with the cvars \color1 and \color2 with values of 1 through 8. (ex. \color1 1 or \color2 5). The new Rail gun effect was donated from the Alliance mod team The new Lightning gun effect was donated from the CPMA mod team

- NEW CHEATING COUNTER MEASURES - There has been quite a bit of new code added to make it much more difficult to cheat and hack the game. We’d tell you more, but that would be defeating the purpose… Rest assured that it will be harder to cheat than ever before.

- NEW PROTOCOL CHANGE - The changes made to improve network code and prevent cheating will make this and future version of Quake 3 and Team Arena incompatible with older versions. This will affect older versions of demos as well. We wish it were possible to maintain game compatibility through each release, however major code changes limit our ability to do so.

- TEAM SELECTION - When a player starts a game with map or devmap the team logos displayed will be the last two teams used in the single player game. The console cvars g_blueteam and g_redteam commands will allow server admins to change the teams being played on dedicated servers.

- Q3:TA TEAM CREATION - It is now possible to create original Team Arena teams with new team logos, body models, head models, voices and skins. Previously the code had been designed to limit the game to use of two body models (James & Janet). With this point release, hobbyists who know their way around the skills of model-making, animating, and skinning can make new team content for Team Arena. The “how-to” details for the creation of new teams are extensive and will be documented in a separate publication. These new teams will be available for use in single player, and multiplayer games.

- INCREASED VERSATILITY FOR USER-CREATED TEAM SKINS IN Q3A AND Q3:TA - When a user-created skin for a model is accompanied by a set of similarly named matching team color skins, the game will now use those instead of the model’s default team skin. For things to work right you have to have the following in the pak file for a blue team skin for and example skin for the Crash model name Hellion:

Hellion_blue.tga models\players\crash\
Hellion_blue_f.tga models\players\crash\
Hellion_blue_t.tga models\players\crash\ models\players\crash\
Icon_Hellion_blue.tga models\players\crash\ models\players\crash\ models\players\crash\ models\players\crash\Hellion\
Note that the file must be in the crash directory and the must be in the crash/Hellion directory for the model to work properly. A model configured in this manner will be back-compatible with earlier versions of Q3A.

The search process for model skins has been refined for core Q3A and Q3:TA. Details will be in the Team Creation document to follow. Essentially, the game will look deeper into model directories when looking for model head selections.

Fixedlegs : put in the animation .cfg this command freezes the programmatic rotation of the legs.
Fixedtorso : put in the animation .cfg this command freezes the programmatic rotation of the torso.

- MAPMAKING CHANGES ENTITIES CAN BE SET TO APPEAR (OR NOT) BASED ON GAME VERSION. Map makers now have the option to make their maps use different entity sets if a game is being played in original Quake III Arena or in Quake III: Team Arena. By adding one of the following key/value epairs, the mapper can create conditional tests that look for what code is being used or NOT being used to run the game.
KEY: "notq3a" (i.e.; Not Quake III Arena)
VALUE: "1" or "0" The default value is zero for an unmarked entity. If this value is set to 1, the marked entity will not appear if the game is played with "vanilla" (unmodified) Quake III Arena game code. Example: A Chaingun from Q3:TA could be marked with this epair. It would show up in Q3:TA game, but not in a Q3A game.
KEY: "notta" (i.e.; Not QuakeIII: Team Arena)
VALUE: "1" or "0" The default value is zero for an unmarked entity. If this value is set to 1, the marked entity will not appear if the game is played with the Team Arena expansion set and its game types.
Should you want an entity to NOT appear in either game type (Q3A or Q3TA), you would set BOTH keys to 1. In this case, it would work with any other game mod which supports that entity
If botplay is desired, these epairs should not be used on entities, such as func_statics, that significantly change the flow of the game map.

Fixed Issues with TA and Q3
- scoreboard problems within TA. Scoreboard was reporting the wrong number of players and ghost players
- Problems with NT 4.0 and Sound within version 1.27h
- single player crash when a player would replay q3dm0 in single player mode
- In TA, if a player gets an award sound in warmup, the sound will repeat for no reason once the map restarts
- single player bug that would change the fraglimit and capture limit of single player maps
- proxmine sounds trying to be loaded in non-TA game
- wrong "Transfer rate" being reported on autodownloads in CTF
- If a password on a dedicated server is set, bots cannot connect
- r_lodcurseerror is not cheat protected
- Single player all maps, can get stuck in third person view after round is over
- Crash - Scrolling through the players Handicap during single player match
- Auto-download problems in certain cases
- Player model animation/After giving orders, player becomes stuck in animation
- Users not being able to change music in maps
- Guard Cheat...Set your handicap at 10,000 via the console then pickup a guard. It sets your health at some insane value (16000 or so)
- Crash - starting a sever, filling all slots with bots
- Voteable maps are based on client's gametype - not server's
- set predictable player events to zero on spawn because the prediction is out of sync anyway
- double player entity events (double events a client plays on other players in the game)
- synced client shotgun spread pattern with server
- server crash on map load due to sending config strings
- Some of the orders in the in-game menu function wrong
- Mouse sensitivity being altered by changes made in code that communicates with direct input
- Demos in Quake III 1.27g not showing up
- + \dir models/players/ tga.......the first letters of the filenames are omitted
- Add cvar "fs_baseGame" which allows people to base mods upon mods
- Quake3 - Single Player - Warnings received on q3dm0
- You don't hear the opponent taking the jumppad until u see him
- have a dedicated server reference the cgame.qvm in the last pk3 found when alphabetically ordered; for pure
- If you use forcemodel now in singleplayer it will default you to sarge and not let you choose another model to use.
- TA defaults to setting a time limit instead of a frag limit on single player games
- Q3A/Q3:TA specific flag on entities
- In CTF, if a user times out with the flag it is gone from game until map is restarted
- "spawn inside a player" bug
- Add OSP TAB in TA and fixed alliance tab in server browser
- Quake3 - Single Player - Warnings received on q3dm0
- if a user times out with the flag it is gone from game until map is restarted
- TA and Q3 Screenshot overwrite bug.
- Voice taunt bug where sounds were being queued then released all at once.
- Dedicated server crash bug (Server would crash after 48hrs, every time)
- James model Error bug
- AutoJoin, Autobalence Bug...Probably related to scoreboard bug
- The intermission screen in a single player game has a button for "demo", that hints at a demo playback of the game that you just finished, however it does not work
- Shell - start server, CTF bot list is in FFA format


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