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Date: March 14, 2001
Name: Counter-Strike retail version patch
Size: 19.3 MB (20,254,461 bytes)
Source: Valve Software cs1001.exe
3D Gamers* Page
Patches Scrolls Page * Page
XGR Page Page File File Page Page
PlanetMirror (Australia) File
  *Denotes multiple mirrors available.
Counter-Strike v1.0.0.1

- Added spectator mode -- allow_spectators (0/1)
- Terrorist bomb backpack re-added
- Upgraded player models to 512X512 textures
- CT defuse kit pack re-added
- Made jumping while shooting more inaccurate w/ submachineguns
- Took out sniper crosshair when zoomed out
- AWP leg shots now non-lethal
- Swimming animation added to models
- Status bar text uses team colors
- All CS Strings localized to titles.txt
- Added option to take "end game" screenshot
- Length of MOTD increased to 1536
- Added cs_thunder
- Upgraded de_dust de_cbble, de_vegas, de_aztec, cs_office, cs_siege, & cs_italy
- Logic used to cycle the map has been changed. The map will cycle if one of three conditions has been met: "mp_timelimit" has been met, "mp_winlimit" rounds have been won by one of the teams, or "mp_maxrounds" have been played.
- Fixed many cheats
- Changed logging format to meet the standars @:
Several events have been added to the logs:
a) "Begin_Bomb_Defuse_Without_Kit"
b) "Begin_Bomb_Defuse_With_Kit"
c) "Spawned_With_The_Bomb"
d) "Dropped_The_Bomb"
e) "Got_The_Bomb"
f) "Became_VIP"
g) "Escaped_As_VIP"
h) "Round_Start"
i) "Round_End"
Counter-Strike retail

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