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Date: March 14, 2001
Name: Half-Life version to patch
Size: 11.4 MB (11,967,966 bytes)
Source: Valve Software 11041106.exe
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Half-Life v1.1.0.6

Feature Additions in this Update:
- New player models for Team Fortress.
- New Half-Life deathmatch map included (Rapidcore).
- New 'stat' command that shows the same information as the 'status' command, but is formatted for the screen and log file.
- We've added a new variable, hpk_maxsize, that will allow servers and clients to set the maxsize of the "custom.hpk" file. Once that size has been exceded the file is automatically deleted. The cvar is set for size in megabytes. hpk_maxsize 0, is no maxsize. hpk_maxsize 1.5 is a file maxsize of 1.5 megabytes.
- Added a new server variable for TFC, tfc_spectchat, that will allow the server to regulate whether or not spectators can chat with players in the game. When set to 0, spectators can only chat with other spectators. When set to anything but 0, spectators can chat with everyone in the game.

Bug Fixes in this update:
- Load balancing on master server improved.
- Changelevel2 crash on Linux server fixed.
- Rcon say quote problem fixed.
- Demo playback fixed.
- Disguise5 will no longer crash a Team Fortress server.
- Tf_ceasefire fixed.
- Class limits at -1 crash fix.
- Medic gets proper credit for a suicide/changeteam of infected player.
- Launcher text in filter screen on Win98 machines not cut off.
- Put client's IP address back into the 'status' command
- Added code to support the server variable 'sv_allowupload'
- Increased number of entries for banned IPs and banned WON IDs to 32768 (each).
- Changed what types of map resource files can be downloaded using .res files (to help mod authors). We've changed from what types of files ARE allowed to what types of files AREN'T allowed.
- Fixed a TFC bug where players could teamkill by shooting a rocket/grenade at a teammate and switching to specator mode.
- Fixed the "adm_deal", "adm_next", and "next" TFC commands to properly cycle through the players in the server.
Half-Life retail version

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