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Date: June 8, 2000
Name: Half-Life version to patch
Size: 21.7 MB (22,784,690 bytes)
Source: Valve Software
ftp.bluesnews.com: 10161100.exe
ftp.sierra.com: 10161100.exe
3D Gamer's Archives 10161100.exe
The Oxygen Tank 10161100.exe
Gameaholic.com 10161100.exe
ZDNet/Gamspot 10161100.exe
C|Net Gamecenter 10161100.exe
NGI.it (Italian Mirror) 10161100.exe
PlanetMirror (Australia) File

New Feature Additions:

  • This update includes a complete rewrite of Half-Life's networking system.
  • VGUI in-game interface included. Use Configuration screen in launcher to bind a key to it.
  • Three new maps included (Dustbowl, Epicenter, and Warpath).
  • Engineer upgrades sentry gun immediately.
  • Dispensers can be used by touching them.
  • Spectator mode added.
  • Number pad keys are now bindable independent.
  • Support for mouse buttons 4 and 5.
  • You will get a point in TFC for destroying an enemy sentry gun.
  • Engineer can view other Engineer's sentry gun stats via HUD.
  • Tell command added to TFC.
  • The class of everyone on your team is available via the scoreboard.
  • Grenade timer added to TFC.
  • Updated netgraph, use net_graph 3
  • TFC Manual updated with all information pertaining to this update.
  • Console and in-game chat uses a True Type font.
  • Player names are colored according to team in TFC when talking.
  • MOTD length increased for server operators.

Bug Fixes in this update:

  • Team-only backpacks in Badlands fixed.
  • Ground underneath platform in Rock2 fixed.
  • Det packs will hurt demoman underwater.
  • Firing through walls as demoman/soldier bug fixed.
  • Sentry guns will not fire at allied teams.
  • Hallucination effect for gas grenade is all client side now.
  • Grenade packs in 2fort fixed.
  • Level one sentry gun will point at enemies correctly.
  • Scoreboard accuracy problems fixed.
  • Grenades will not be removed by goal items or doors now.
  • Laser sight for .357 in HLDM fixed when zooming for the first time.
  • No build brush added to upper resupply in 2fort.
  • Clip brushes added to battlement in 2fort.
  • Demoman can no longer instantly detonate pipebombs.
  • Concussion jumping as Scout/Medic in TFC reduced.
  • Removed GL renderer cvars that were being used for cheating.
  • If no maps are in the mod's \maps directory, the \valve\maps will be shown.

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