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Date: June 22, 2001
Name: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Dominion Wars v1.02 Patch
Size: 780 KB (798,637 bytes)
Source: Simon & Schuster
3D Gamers* Page
PlanetMirror (Australia) File
  *Denotes multiple mirrors available.
There is one major issue with the patch. If you apply the patch, existing saved games will no longer work. This is due to the formatting change we made to handle the ability to overwrite existing saved games. So those of you far along in a campaign, it's up to you whether or not you want to install the patch or wait until you finish the current campaign.

One of the big additions we made, something that people have been asking for, was the ability to purchase troop transports in multiplayer games. This will help immensely in those Conquest and Domination games. Enjoy!

The patch will address these issues:

* Inability to save over the same filename fixed
* Ships will now fire correctly after loading a saved game
* Game no longer crashes when anti-matter or nanotech bombs are transported to a planet
* Purchased upgrade devices are automatically applied when the game loads
* Breen weapon upgrade now works properly. Each upgrade applies to 1 torpedo launcher (same with the Quantum upgrade)
* Maximum crew limits are now in effect on all ships after respawning in multiplayer games
* Crew combat/boarding party combat has been sped up for larger battles
* All components now have descriptions.
* B'Rel's will now chase the player's ship with the Founder on it during the 2nd Dominion mission
* The Romulan Cloaking device is now no longer transportable to other ships
* "Find the Founder" maps fixed in multiplayer (objects now can be seen by all players)
* Slowed down the planetside combat of troops for the 6th Dominion mission. Fast combat was causing the "mission failed" message pre-maturely.
* Slowed the station combat for Federation mission 7 (crew battle only)
* Only one Thomas Riker now appears in Federation mission 5
* Enemies in Federation mission 3 are now smarter
* Fixed the invisible ships in Dominion mission 3
* DS9MP map fixed for multiplayer (attack defend starbase game type)
* Final Federation mission enemy ships have improved AI
* Components are now race related in campaigns and in multiplayer
* Components are now "revealed" during the campaign (they are not all available from the start of the game)
* Warp 2 Captains rated as a '10' now get the correct rank
* Game will now wait for a slow host start in Gamespy

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