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Timothee Besset  02/02 16:56
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File Download

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Date: June 28, 2001
Name: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Dominion Wars v1.02 to v1.03 Patch
Size: 617 KB (631,955 bytes)
Source: Simon & Schuster
3D Gamers* Page
PlanetMirror (Australia) File
  *Denotes multiple mirrors available.
There is one major issue with the patch. If you apply the patch, existing saved games will no longer work. This is due to the formatting change we made to handle the ability to overwrite existing saved games. So those of you far along in a campaign, it's up to you whether or not you want to install the patch or wait until you finish the current campaign.

One of the big additions we made, something that people have been asking for, was the ability to purchase troop transports in multiplayer games. This will help immensely in those Conquest and Domination games. Enjoy!

All gamers playing Dominion Wars should install this patch. Here is what the patch fixes:

- Warp 2 Captains with level 9 & 10 skill ratings will now import properly into Dominion Wars

- The Launch game problem when playing multiplayer over Gamespy has been corrected. Now the game will wait for slow systems to join

- Players will no longer be able to gain additional credits in Multiplayer games by changing their race selection

- Multiplayer Find the Founder map 2 now works for 2 players

- Multiplayer game Attack/Defend Starbase has been changed to a 4 player map with each player protecting his/her own DS9 and attacking the others. Once selecting this game, the host needs to set slots 3 & 4 to "closed" then back to "open" in order to refresh the game at the lobby level.

- Multiplayer synch problems have been dramatically reduced

- Multiplayer performance has been improved

- Game will no longer crash to the desktop when transporting crewmembers after loading from a saved game

- Captains will now retain their experience while progressing through a campaign after being loaded from saved games

- Dominion Mission 2 no longer fails if the player takes over the K'Tinga with the Founder on it

- Ship AI has been improved on Dominion Mission 3

- On Dominion Missions 3 & 5, when a waypoint is reached, an "X" now registers on the mini-map

- The graphic bars for captain's experience now increase properly when the captain gains more experience

- Using the CTRL+1-8 ship grouping now focuses the camera on the selected group when the Strategy view is selected

- The player is now rewarded for capturing enemy ships during campaign missions by gaining additional credits

- The objective completion message is now displayed properly on Federation Mission 5 when Riker is brought to the exit point

- Federation Mission 10 enemies are more aggressive and numerous. This mission is now more epic in scope (think "Second Wind" -- the retaking of DS9)

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