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Date: December 17, 1998
Name: glDoom 0.94d
FTP.BLUESNEWS.COM: gldoom_094d.exe
Size: bytes (989 KB)
Source: WinDoom/glDoom Homepage
Description: From the Homepage:
id Software recently (23 Dec, 1997) released the source code to Doom for the Linux operating system. I downloaded the source code and ported it to Windows95 using the Win32 SDK and DirectX 5 from Microsoft. I have named the resulting program WinDoom.

WinDoom is going to become the basis, I hope, for some other projects that will use the Doom engine. A client/server Internet capable game is one of them. The other is glDoom.

I am also working on a version of Doom that will use OpenGL as the renderer. I have named that project glDoom. This is be a sector/portal based polygon renderer and will completely replace the span renderer in Doom/Doom II.

I have been developing this mostly on non-3Dfx equipment but so far, it does run on the 3Dfx Voodoo chipset. I'm using an Eclipse II card from Accel Graphics as well as a Diamond FireGL 1000 Pro, Obsidian 100SB-4440 and a Monster 3D. (No, not in the same machine. :)

The geometry conversion for the walls is done and incorporated into the program. I am currently working on a geometry creation algorithm for the floors and ceilings that works all the time. The current one still fails on some of id's levels. The texture preprocessor is already done and creates RGBA pixelmaps pixelmaps. A sprite converter is being created as well. The status bar manager is already done and working. As is the console.

glDoom Maintenance Release 0.94D

Another release of glDoom is ready. I have attempted to address the most egregious problems. Including the mouse context switching, mouse sensitivity, no video mode list, no 16 bit color desktop available, menu lockup problems, lack of sound card detection, ability to run with no sound (for those who don't need it or don't want it), level switching problems in Ultimate Doom Ep 4, "exposing" the mvert key and its function and the key not working if keylink was turned on (keylink is now ignored - better one than none...).

PLEASE read the relnotes.txt file when/after you install glDoom and BEFORE you run it. (as well as the glDoom.doc file). The glDoom.doc file has been updated (again) so you might want to read that again. The changes are sprinkled throughout.


  • DirectX 5
  • 16 MB RAM

glDoom will work with any of the Doom games released by id Software. You must have version 1.9 of the game WAD for it to work, though. If you don't have version 1.9 you can download a patch to update your version to 1.9. ftp.cdrom.com is a good place to look. This INCLUDES Doom Shareware, Doom I, Ultimate Doom, Doom 2 and Final Doom. Third party WADs are not guaranteed to work flawlessly "out of the box" because of the differences in the engine between the original Doom and glDoom. Any "tricks" used by the WAD author can cause the program to behave in an unpredictable fashion.

  • 32 MB RAM


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