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Date: February 2, 1999
Name: Descent 3 Demo 1.1.1 Patch
Walnut Creek CDROM: d3demo111patch.exe
Size: 1,154 KB
Source: Outrage
The Descent 3 Demo 1.1.1 Patch and Auto-Update are now available for downloading. Use the Auto-Update feature found in the launcher to automatically update you to version 1.1.1 or download the self-extracting file. This version fixes the same problems as v1.1 with the addition of the following:
  • Mouse problems with high framerate machines.
  • Multiplayer crashes with "Buffer Overflow".
  • Problems with ATI cards.
  • Crashes reading some pilot files from previous versions.

This patch will update both 1.0 and 1.1 versions to 1.1.1. There is no reason to update to 1.1 first. If you do experience problems with updating your 1.0 or 1.1 version to 1.1.1 please report all relevant system and error information to d3bugs@outrage.com .

Things fixed from version 1.0 (also addressed in the 1.1 patch):

  • Fixed occasional crash in DSOUND.DLL.
  • Fixed DSOUND crash related to streaming audio.
  • Fixed problem with picking up some powerups in multiplayer.
  • PrintScrn now works under Direct3D to save a screenshot.
  • Added a better error message for incorrect bit depth under OpenGL.
  • Fixed the square bracket character in the font.
  • Fixed crash when creating more than 99 pilots.
  • Fixed crash if the user edits the registry to set resolution higher than 640x480.
  • When running as a dedicated server, the game no longer forces focus.
  • Launching and joining a game from a URL or command line now works.
  • Added command line option to fix problems for some cable modem & ADSL users. See the file "Multiplayer Readme.txt" for more info.
  • Fixed several problems under Direct3D.
  • Fixed a problem with PXO stats not always being updated when the timer or kill limit was met in a game.
  • Removed the force feedback checkbox from the setup program, since the demo does not support force-feedback joysticks.
  • The gamma control now works under OpenGL.
  • Made the gamma slider work under Glide even when the Glide gamma environment variable was set.
  • Fixed the dot character that looked like a comma.
  • The joystick & mouse are now polled every frame, resulting in smoother control.
  • Fixed a phantom napalm spew created when someone was firing the napalm cannon when the level ended.
  • Added information to the Troubleshooting section on fixing spinning problems with the CH Products Combatstick under Windows 98.
  • Included the file GLU32.DLL with the demo for systems with the first version of Win95 that didn't include OpenGL.
  • Added the Automap
  • Modified the multiplayer architecture to decrease lag for low bandwidth users.
  • Changed the default maximum players in a multiplayer game to 8.
  • Added the ability to view the briefing from within the game.
  • Added an announcement message facility to the PXO interface.
  • Increased the range of gamma slider.
  • Lowered the maximum terrain detail and depth settings..
  • Changed the 'Drop out of order packets' option to 'Use smoothing'.
  • Added a sensitivity slider for game controllers.
    Increased the maximum sensitivity for the mouse from 1 to 2.
  • Added rear view key.
  • Added a command line option "-nomultibmp" to turn off sending or receiving in game ship logos
  • Added a sound when you get a message in a multiplayer game.
  • Added a sound when a new player joins the multiplayer game.
  • Added a sound when someone other than you dies.
  • Changed the color of player messages in a multiplayer game.
  • Changed the hit sound effects to make them more audible.
  • Changed peer-to-peer mode so that each client determines what damage it takes.
  • Limited the framerate of dedicated servers so they don't eat up too much processor time. See "Multiplayer Readme.txt" for info.
  • Added several new dedicated server configuration items. See "Multiplayer Readme.txt" for info.
  • The Vauss cannon now shoots more from center of the ship.
    Improved the red flash when the player is taking damage.
  • The Launcher is now controllable with the keyboard.
  • Pressing ALT-F4 from within the game will now bring up the briefing.
  • Added GameSpy support. See "Multiplayer Readme.txt" for info.
  • Added a Bright Player Ships option for multiplayer games, which will make player ships more visible to other players.
  • Changed the "Accurate collision detection" multiplayer option to "Restrictive collision detection" to discourage people from enabling this option, which should only be used in low-latency games such as those on a LAN.
  • Included Walkthrough.txt a walkthrough of the D3 Demo level prepared by Joerg "Moon" Reibert, maintainer of the DESCENDARIUM (on the web at http://www.gamesdomain.co.uk/moonglow/).
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