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Date: January 31, 2001
Name: Shadow Force: Razor Unit Demo
Size: 87.5 MB (91,719,002 bytes)
Source: FUN Labs
PlanetMirror (Australia) File
3D Gamers * Page
FilePlanet * Page (registration required)
GameCenter (Czech Rep.) Page
  *Denotes multiple mirrors available.
In Shadow Force: Razor Unit, you are a member of the Air Force Special Operations Group. One of the elite Combat Controllers, responsible with everything from directing air strikes to controlling air traffic, you are ready to be sent in the Middle East. Trouble has arisen again over there, and you will support a team of Army Rangers.

More info about the game can be found at

The Demo contains:
- 1 single player level
- 2 multiplayer levels (for deathmatch, team deathmatch and capture the flag game modes)
- more than 10 weapons to choose from including: Rotational Grenade Launcher, M4 carbine, Mp-5 submachine gun and many more.

Minimum System Requirements:
Pentium2 class Processor, 333Mhz
64 MB RAM on Windows 95/98; 128 MB RAM on Windows ME/2000/XP
4 MB AGP 3D Hardware Accelerator with Direct 3D Support
High Color Graphics (16 bit)
56k Modem or LAN for Multiplayer
DirectX Compatible Sound Card
Windows 95/98/ME/2000/Xp Operating System
DirectX 8a or higher

Recommended System Requirements:
Pentium3 class Processor, 700Mhz
128 MB RAM on Windows 95/98; 256 Mb RAM on Windows ME/2000/XP
32 MB AGP 3D Hardware Accelerator with Direct 3D Support
High Color Graphics (32 bit)
Wheel Mouse
56k Modem or LAN for Multiplayer
Directx Hardware Accelerated Sound Card (EAX recommended)
Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP Operating System
DirectX 8a or higher

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