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Date: November 27, 1998
Name: Blood2 1.1 Patch
Size: 3150 KB
Source: Monolith



This patch has been focused primarily on Single Play bugs and issues we felt important to resolve immediately.

We have made numerous changes to enhance the enjoyment of the single player game. But, we're not through yet. Please see the list that follows for specific changes. Then, look forward to mid-December when we plan to release our multiplay enhancements.


Previous SAVE GAMES from 1.0 are not compatible with this version.

New Engine Enhancements

  • fix to USB keyboard issues
  • some rezfile bugs fixed

New Single Player Game Updates/Bug Fixes

  • Fixed view weapon jittering
  • Removed Shift-I and Shift-O for toggling 3rd person. Added a cheat to do it instead:
  • Fixed RandomSoundFX sounds continuing to play after the level ends.
  • MPHEALTHY cheat now restores your weapons correctly when you use it after you die.
  • Fixed muzzle flash sprites continuing to show in external camera mode (cutscenes)
  • DamageObjectsInRadius takes the object dims into account for better accuracy (Large objects like the Ancient One were hard to hit with area of effect weapons since they impact too far from the center point).
  • Fixed weapon hand model visibility problems on client
  • Many gibs tweaks, added blood streams to kicked heads, bounce sounds, increased vertical velocity of blood spurts.
  • Fixed rotating doors being pushed off of their hinges when they are blocked by the player being pushed into a wall.
  • You can now climb ladders out of the water.
  • Added additional code to hopefully prevent AI dropped weapons from sticking in walls. It may still happen occasionly, but not as much.
  • MPCLIP fixed so that you don't suddenly move halfway across the world when the framerate chunks.
  • Added a sound for when the "Press a key to continue. . ." message comes up.
  • AI: fixed FindObjectsInRadius function so that it searches for players correctly. This fixes the Bone Leech, Hand, and Theif staying idle problem. (they weren't seeing the player)
  • Made some changes to fix potential IMA issues.
  • Fixed a bug with the player being able to overflow the Taunt field, causing a game crash.

Weapons and Boss Stuff

  • Adjusted prox bomb timing for arming and exploding
  • Removed the Alt-fire from the singularity generator
  • Fixed death-ray beams hanging in the air
  • Fixed it so you can't select bombs without ammo for them
  • Added a game state so we can have the 'Press a key to continue...' message in the loading screens (only does this for screens that use the description text - automatically skips it for multiplayer loading and other custom levels)
  • Fixed the bombs sticking in the air
  • Didn't put in the remote bombs exploding upon death... cause it seems to have been voted out
  • Fixed the black light on the death ray muzzle flash
  • Tweaked some weapon values.
  • Fixed some particle trail effects that were getting cut off when they weren't supposed to
  • Made new special effects for the Naga (much nicer now in my opinion... )
  • Tweaked the Naga AI a little so he'll do the ceiling drop more (at all)...
  • Tweaked some damage values for the Naga.
  • Added detail levels for Naga FX
  • Removed the smoke trails on the Naga spike fragments.




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