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Date: November 21, 1998
Name: Sin 1.01 Patch
File: sin101.exe - read me
Size: 19,470,336 bytes (18.6 MB)
Source: Ritual/Activision



Sin Update 1.01 Information 11.21.98

  1. Sin 101 update rewrites your autoexec.cfg and your default.cfg. If you have changed these in any way, you may want to back them up in a different location, as they will be updated to the patch version.
  2. Double click the patch and it will extract itself into the default sin directory. (c:\program files\sin) 2. Make sure that this is the folder that you are using, if not then change it to the appropriate folder.
  3. RTPatch will now run by itself in a DOS box. Make sure that all files extract properly.

This update has now successfully updated your version of Sin. The multiple file volumes (Sin_arj and Sin_arj.e01), Sin101.exe can be deleted to save disk space. Additionally the files "patch.rtp" "patchsin.bat" and "patchdos.exe" extracted to your Sin directory can also be deleted to save disk space.

Sin Multiplayer Addition: -------------------------

  1. The new deathmatch map "paradox" as been included in the update. This map has been included in the map scrolling list in the default.cfg. This map may not be included in your existing server map list on your present config.cfg.

Bug Fixes Include: ------------------

  1. Long load times are improved.
  2. Long reloads after dying are fixed.
  3. Sound compatibility issues fixed..
  4. Save game from a compact install now works properly.
  5. Multiplayer skin showing up in red is fixed.
  6. Autoplay from the CD splash screen is fixed.
  7. Manumit, the subway mutant now works correctly.
  8. Monster AI has been adjusted.
  9. Area 57 crash bug has been fixed.
  10. An animation issue with Assault Rifle and HV Chain Gun in Multiplayer has been fixed.
  11. Fixed Quantum Destabilizer bug where you could vaporize a character that had an idcard.
  12. Case sensitivity for Missile Silo password entry is fixed.
  13. A few "wait for player" issues which could effect vehicles and some cinematics have been fixed.
  14. A memory leak has been fixed.

Hardware issues: ----------------

  1. SoundBlaster Live! Make sure you have the latest Live! driver update from As of the creation date of this document, the driver was sblw9xup.exe, dated 10-29-98. The Live! drivers for Windows NT 4.0 were also updated 11-03-98.
  2. Ensoniq AudioPCI / SoundBlaster 64 PCI / SoundBlaster 128 PCI and other 100% SoundBlaster compatible sound cards. Make sure you have installed the very latest drivers for your specific sound card. Please consult the hardware manufacturer for updated drivers.

    If you are experiencing stuttering, choppy audio or no audio, try the following.

    Press the ESC key and enter the CONTROLS menu, select AUDIO OPTIONS and press ENTER. In the AUDIO OPTIONS menu set the "Sound Quality" to LOW, set the "Sound Compatibility" to MAX COMPATIBILITY and set the "Enable 3D Sound Hardware" to NO. (If you do not have an "A3D" compatible sound card, it is recommended that you set the "Enable 3D Sound Hardware" to NO.) Press the tilde key ( ~ ) or choose VIDEO CONTROLS from the CONTROLS menu, select "Bring up the console interface" and press ENTER Then type "snd_restart" and press enter. This will restart the sound engine with the new sound setting. These setting will be saved when you properly exit the game.

    Press the tilde key ( ~ ) or choose VIDEO CONTROLS from the CONTROLS menu, select "Bring up the console interface" and press ENTER. At the console enter "s_mixahead 0.3" (without the quotation marks" and press ENTER. Then type "snd_restart" and press ENTER. This will restart the sound engine with the new sound setting. These setting will be saved when you properly exit the game.

    Also, if you have a Ensoniq AudioPCI, SoundBlaster 64 PCI or SoundBlaster 128 PCI and the above has not helped, try the following:

    Go to the Windows 9x Control Panel and select Multimedia. In the Audio Properties page, select ADVANCED PROPERTIES. Then select the PERFORMACE tab. Set Hardware Acceleration slider to the 2nd notch and then select apply. This should clear up any sound problems you may encounter in the game.
  3. Hi-Val 40X40 CD-ROM (with Zen Research TrueX technology) If you are having trouble installing Sin and have this CD-ROM drive, please contact the hardware manufacturer for information on a firmware update.

Please report any bugs to


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