Ultima IX: Ascension FAQ
by Dark Sharp & Windforce Dragon


5.2 Sample keymap.kmp

; The Ultima IX keyboard commands
; This version is the Richard Garriott Preferances
; Other versions that mimmic popular game interfaces
; can be found in the keymaps folder
; Only experienced users should modify this keymap
; Errors may result from incorrect entries
; Each command can have only one key combination to activate it
; Some commands are hard coded and are not settable
; through this file. They are:
; RightClick = Move (with modifiers of shift, ctrl & alt)
; LeftClick = Use or Attack (with modifiers of ctrl and alt)
; The following key combinations identifiers are reserved
; for the game's internal/predefined uses:
; ESC, ESCAPE, esc, escape ; F1 - F12, f1 - f12
; be careful when commenting out lines. If the semicolon ';'
; is followed by an '=' Ultima 9 will take that as an assignment
; of the ';' key
; Do not use Shift and Alt to modify non-mouse momentary switched commands!
; For example - Shield Block, as when releasing keypresses they will
; not release simultaniously, and thus the up event can be missed!

left = sidestep_left
keypadleft = sidestep_left
right = sidestep_right
keypadright = sidestep_right
up = forward
keypadup = forward
keypaddown = backward
space = jump
c = climb
capslock = toggle_movement_speed

` = activate_hand
; Goes in and out of Hand/Move-item mode (*)
q = activate_hand
; Goes in and out of Hand/Move-item mode (*)
b = activate_inventory
; Goes in and out of Hand/Move-item mode (*)
shift+` = toggle_mainUI
; Cycles through Max/Min/None interface display
shift+q = toggle_mainUI
; Cycles through Max/Min/None interface display
shift+e = toggle_equipmentUI
; Turns armor/weapon interface on/off
x = examine
pause = pause
j = open_journal
s = open_spellbook
ctrl+m = open_world_map
ctrl+l = journal_load
ctrl+s = journal_save
ctrl+o = journal_options
ctrl+j = journal_diary_last_page
ctrl+k = journal_diary_first_page
ctrl+b = journal_bestiary
ctrl+t = journal_history
ctrl+z = journal_stats
0 = spellbook_circle_0
1 = spellbook_circle_1
2 = spellbook_circle_2
3 = spellbook_circle_3
4 = spellbook_circle_4
5 = spellbook_circle_5
6 = spellbook_circle_6
7 = spellbook_circle_7
8 = spellbook_circle_8
9 = spellbook_rituals
ctrl+r = spellbook_reagents
ctrl+g = spellbook_glossary
pageup = book_next_page
pagedown = book_previous_page
ctrl+x = exit_game
; (*) Hand mode is temporarily activated when an item is dragged

tab = enter_combat
; Goes in/out of combat
z = defend
t = target_lock
; on/off
n = get_target_lock
; Acquire next target/cycle through targets
; Note: while the following command is bound to the "a" key by Default
; It is currently NOT implemented in the program.
; WORKAROUND: to abort targetting toggle combat mode out then back on
a = abort_targerting

; Advanced user options and shortcuts
ctrl+i = invert_mouse
; = exit_to_new_camera
; = exit_to_old_camera
; = pitchlocked
ctrl+p = take_screenshot
; = toggle_screen_center
m = momentary_first_person
shift+ctrl+m = mouseSensitivity_decrease
; Note: while the following command is bound to the "shift+alt+m" keys
; by Default It is currently NOT implemented in the program.
; WORKAROUND: None at the moment
shift+alt+m = mouseSensitivity_increase
; = spin_camera
ctrl+home = camera_in
ctrl+end = camera_out
; = camera_way_in
ctrl+delete = camera_way_out
ctrl+pageup = zoom_in
ctrl+pagedown = zoom_out
ctrl+insert = zoom_reset
k = camera_mode
; The following commands only work when in hand mode
ctrl+left = yaw_left
ctrl+right = yaw_right
ctrl+up = pitch_up
ctrl+down = pitch_down
CTRL+leftbracket = clipping_plane_in
CTRL+rightbracket = clipping_plane_out
CTRL+\ = clipping_plane_reset
CTRL+shift+leftbracket = middle_plane_in
CTRL+shift+rightbracket = middle_plane_out
CTRL+shift+\ = middle_plane_reset

; removed by windforce (check section 10 if you insist in cheating)


; removed by windforce (check section 10 if you insist in cheating)

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6. Interface/Controlling/UI issues (Mouse/Keyboard function)

6.1. Q: My armor/weapon bar suddenly disappeared
A: Try picking something up

6.2. Q: I can not scroll left or right and up or down while in hand mode.
A: Depending on where the Avatar is standing the scroll feature will
not be made available at times. Approach the object from a different
angle then enter hand mode again.

6.3. Q: I am in the water next to a wall when I get stuck inside the wall
after casting a spell.
A: You will be able to free yourself from the wall by pressing the
Escape key.

6.4. Q: Where is the in game options menu?
A: At first, there are no options due to the fact that the options for
The game are located in the Journal that is located in the downstairs
Living room. Once this Journal is acquired the -in game options- will
Become available by clicking on the Journal now located in the bottom
right next to your tool belt.

6.5. Q: How can I skip past repeated audio of NPCs?
A: Hit ENTER or click on the subtitle text.

6.6. Q: How to enable/disable the windows keys (alt-tab, etc)
A: Hack Options.ini as follows (Section [Game])
This is not possible anymore with patch 1.05f

6.7. Q: Can I get item descriptions
A: There sure is. First, go into object/hand mode (press the '~' key).
Then, move the cursor over the item/icon you wish to examine, and hold
down the 'X' key. If the designers gave the item a description, it
should show up (from CapnBill)

6.8. Q: My character has lost the ability to move.
A: Possibly an issue with collission detection. Try Saving and reloading (
but I would use a new savegame-slot...). Also try pressing ESC

6.9. backpack bug:
Note: A lot of backpack related bugs (including this) are fixed in
patch 1.05f, so upgrade.
(retail version)
Somehow multiple items are incorrectly.
sharing the same inventory slot, and this causes a crash when the
backpack is full. The patch rectifies this removing these "stacked" items
and attempting to place them elsewhere in your inventory (belt, bag,
etc.), or on the ground if no suitable place occurs.
Until the patch is available, you could try loading your most current
non-crashing savegame and double-checking all your inventory slots. If
you find items that are overlapping, remove both/all of them and put them
in the world. Then close all your invetory gumps (backpack, bags, etc.)
and save. Then attempt to re-place the items back into your inventory and
save again. This might/should solve the crash.

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*Warning this area contains VERY MINOR SPOILERS

7.1. Plot related issues

Note on patch 1.05f (from patch.txt) There are a few items that
will only be reflected if you install the patch before
you reach a certain point in the game.

7.1.1. Q: I'm stuck somewhere in the game and...
A: If really desperate, try Jeff Allens excellent Walkthrough at
http://rpgplanet.com/ultima9 (the old URL was taken offline due to high traffic)
or maybe you want to consider using one of the cheats (Argh)
-> Section 10

Read from end to beginning to translate (No, its not german :-))

Plot related bugs:
////////////////////// reversed to hide spoiler /////////////////////////////
7.1.2 Q: kcorkcalb fo seceip eerht ym ezingocer tnow cisnirT
ni htimskcalb ehT. (Trinsic)
A: Bug confirmed by Capn Bill and adressed in the next patch

7.1.3 Q: dellacer eb tonnac dna esuoh a otno tuo bmuj ro ffo llaf uoy fi kcuts
steg taob gniylf eht(Moonglow)
A: Reported, You can try the Fly cheat. -> Section 10

7.1.4 Q: deerf eb tonnac ociN dna dellik eb tonnac eh snaem sihT .sraeppasid
evoC fo nezitic tsrif ehT (Cove)
A: Reported, no answer yet

7.1.5.Q: nam netaeb eht ot klat ot gniyrt nehw potksed eht ot sehsarc emag eht
noitcua lrigevals eht ta nam eht gnitaeb etarip eht gnillik retfA
(Bucs Den), reproduced 5 times in a row by DarkSharp)
A: Nothing yet.

///////////////////////////END POSSIBLE SPOILER////////////////////////////////

7.1.6 A: telescope bug in Britannia: This bug is caused in LB's castle, up on
the. "patio"? where the telescope is. If you happen to use the
telescope at night to look at the moons, you will introduce the Hail
Britannia bug. The only current way to avoid this bug is to back up to
a previous savegame (before the telescope) and either NOT use the
telescope, or only use the telescope during the day. This will be fixed
in the (second?) patch. The bug itself is fixed, and there will be a
new keyboard command you can use to "fix" Hail Britannia if you saved
after the bug occurred, but before you installed the patch.

7.1.7. BUG: Known as "Alphawolf Bug"
Upon entering New Magincia, and meeting it's only inhabitant, the Avatar
will be given a quest with two tasks. Apparantly, if one completes only one
of the tasks, leaves for another quest, then comes back to complete the
other task, a major plot item will be unattainable due to a bug. The moral
of the story - finish both of the tasks of the only person on New Magincia
first thing unpon entering the island, then return to the quest-giver for
the quest item, no matter what, then continue on to other things.

7.1.8 BUG: "Elevator Bug" (Hyloth)
Some people seem to have problems with some elevator in Hyloth.
Righteous DragonThe posted on the official boards that saving and reloading
thereafter may fix this problem.

7.1.9. BUG: "Gate Bug" in (Hyloth) (POSSIBLE PLOTSTOPPER)
I am unable to continue playing. I am currently in Hythloth, and
//// reversed to hide spoiler ///
sehsarc emag eht etag tsal eht guorht klaw ot yrt I sa ,revewoH .setag ruof
lla desiar evah.
////end reversed part///
A: This bug was experienced by several users. No fix available

7.1.10. BUG: "Dialog Bug" (Hyloth)
//// reversed to hide spoiler ///
...yek eht gnitteg dna nevaR eucser retfA
////end reversed part///
... I loose my mouse functions in the dialog thus and cannot answer the questions
A: Try the keyboard (Key 1 for the first answer, 2 for the second,...) and save thereafter.

7.1.11. BUG: "compassion shrine" (POSSIBLE PLOTSTOPPER)
One user reported this:
After restoring the Shrine of Compassion Raven does not recognize that I've done it.
She's still standing by despise and asking me if I am ready to prove myself.
A: Can anyone comment on this (windforce@gulbsoft.de)

7.1.12 "Compassion shrine 2"
There are several people who reported to be unable to use the shrine of compassion
A: Make sure that it IS the shrine of compassion (there is a circle of stones at the
lighthouse which IS NOT the shrine of compassion ;-)
A: To use the shrine, right click and enter the appropriate mantra

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7.2. Gameplay crashes and quirks

7.2.1. Q: I crash every time I open a book or my Journal
A: Save game may be corrupted. Go back to an earlier saved game.

7.2.2. Q: When I try to use the "game" cd to play the game, the game would
crash at certain places in the game. (such as when I enter the
moongate, 1st meet Raven. . .etc) However, thegame plays fine
with the install disk.
A: No answer yet.

7.2.3. Q: If I play the game for (X) hours straight, the game gets slower and
A: Apparently this is a memory leak due to Win 95/98 and Win2k
Recommend rebooting your Ultima and if that does not work, reboot
your PC.

7.2.4. Q: When I enter the Moongate with my sword drawn the game crashes
A: DO NOT enter the Moongate with your weapon drawn

7.2.5. Q: Sometimes when I try to drag an item the game will crash
A: CapnBill reported some bugs regarding this issue are fixed with the

7.2.6. Q: When I start the game it immediately crashes to the desktop
A: If you're crashing when you're first trying to run the game, the culprit may
be the movie that's trying to play. Make sure Media Player runs on your system
and can play MPG movies. We haven't experienced that here, but enough of you
have having this problem for me to seriously suspect something about DirectX.
We use the DirectMedia component of DirectX to play our movies, which are just
MPGs. You can turn off movies if you want, by setting MoviePath in your
OPTIONS.INI file to NONE, or to a path that doesn't exist.
Also check Section 2.7 CDROM issues

7.2.7. Q: The game crashes quite often on my system.
A: Hints on crash-prone-ness: try updating sound drivers. Try updating video
drivers (except the TNT).

7.2.8. Q: After starting the game the last thing I see is the spinning 3dfx logo. It then
crashed to desktop. Non-3dfx Users may experience a immediate crash to desktop
A: Probably related to -->2.7.3, *> 2.5.9. Remember also that on the first start the
game tries to play a video. So be sure to check out the movie issues also

7.2.9. Q: Crash after jumping in water. If I press jump 2 times a row while standing in water
the game crashes (retail version)
A: Install patch 1.05f

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7.3. Gameplay issues (Bugs)

7.3.1. Q: Do the NPC have schedules as promised?
A: Apparently most of the NPCs DO NOT have schedules or have very
limited schedules contrary to what was promised by Richard Garriot
and OSI.

7.3.2. Q: I didn't see the movie that came with the demo after I enter the
Moongate, instead it jumped straight to stonegate.
A: See the MOVIE ISSUES section

7.3.3. Q: I am inside Lord British's Castle and when I double click on the bag
located on the bed that Lord British has prepared for me I lose my
keyboard functions.
A: Pick the bag up first and place it in either your tool belt or your
backpack then double click on it to place or view contents of the bag.

7.3.4 Q: Why does it rain inside LB's Castle?
A: Unknown at this time. Sloppy collision detecting is this authors

7.3.5 Q: Why does the AI not work most of the time? (retail version)
A: Unknown at this time. Probably OSI ran out of time. should be taken
care of in patch 1.05f (anyone confirming this, I still dont have the game -wfd)

7.3.6. Q: Those spectres keep killing me, they're invulnerable
A: No, they're not. Try magic.

7.3.7. BUG: Items vanish when inventory full
Fill your inventory to the max, and make sure you have a single handed weapon
and a shield. Now pick up a double handed weapon and equip it as your weapon.
poof - your first sword and shield disappear.

7.3.8. castle music bug: We have a bug in our save/load that causes this problem.
I can't recall currently if we've fixed it in the patch; if not, we'll
look into fixing it (if we can reproduce it). We had this problem before
we shipped, and thought we'd fixed it....grr.
You can go to an earlier savegame that doesn't play this music; or you can
travel the world until another piece of music replaces this one (this can
be hard to do). (Capn Bill)

7.3.9. Q: When swimming the Avatar is fairly hard to navigate.
A: CapnBill: Why is swimming so hard? I guess we all just got used to
it, but many of you have having trouble with it. The Avatar's collision
cylinder stays set to his full body height (vertically) even while you
swim; so, his invisible cylinder is taller than his body looks like,
so he doesn't seem able to fit through things like he should.
I can work on a fix for this, but all the fixes I can think of involve
dynamically changing his collision cylinder size, which is very dangerous!
Update: Today, I found & fixed a bug related to swimming, that was making it
difficult to negotiate the Avatar around. With the fix, swimming is much better!

7.3.10. Q: The Avatar seems to be impervious to falling damage.
A: From CapnBill: Here's an interesting note (just to clear up any misunderstanding):
The fall rate of NPCs, creatures, and the Avatar in our world is exactly and
precisely 9.81 m/s^2, which is of course the gravitational constant for our
planet earth. As for the Avatar not being damaged enough, well, mostly that's by
design--Richard & Seth, in the spirit of not wanting this to be an action game,
didn't want falling to be a major risk component to the game dynamic. But,
we'll re-evaluate the amount of damage it does.... 'nuff said.

7.3.11. Q: Some NPCs seem to hover above the ground.
A: CapnBill: Why do NPCs or creatures hang in mid-air? I've seen this, and
it's an artifact of the way our creatures do collision. Creatures have an
invisible "cylinder" that follows them around; this is their "collision shape".
The cylinder for many creatures is larger than their body shape. If the creatures
walks to the edge of a ledge, his body will hang off the edge; sometimes, this is
so extreme that it looks like he's floating in mid-air. We always wanted to fix
this, but this is one we'll just have to live with....

7.3.12. Q: When killing a monster the contents don't drop on the ground?
A: Capn Bill: Why do some objects hang in mid-air? Because having every object in the
world fall continually is just way too expensive. Objects try to fall initially;
if something blocks them, they "give up". Result: some objects end up stuck in the
air. Bummer.

7.3.13.BUG:Unlimmited Ammo
Endless arrows: you need to know the triple-bow shot for this one. Fire all your
arrows except your last one using single shots. on your last arrrow, use the triple shot.
and yup, 3 arrows come out, your backpack says you have 1 arrow left, and from that point on,
you can keep firing arrows.

7.3.14.BUG:Binding Telekinesis spell into spellbook
Many people reported they are unable to bind the telekinesis spell to
the spellbook.
This is due to a typo in the reagents in the games manual.
Use the ingame manual instead.

7.3.15. Q: How do I pass time.
A1: Leave the computer for some time and the game running
A2: If 1 was unaccepteble: There are some cheats in section 10 to accellerate the flow of time

7.3.16. Q: When I open the backpack I can attack monsters with spells and the ignore me until death
A: Bug. Addressed in patch 1.05f
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7.4. Savegame issues

Note: U9 tends to corrupt its savegames sometimes. To protect your savegames
from being corrupted make sure you copy your savegames to a different folder
i.e. after you leave the game

7.4.1 Q: When I open U9 it starts to load the most recent save, like it should.
It loads the music successfully and then as soon as I get an image,
The program closes. I tried moving the most recent savegame file out
of the directory, but then it loads the beginning of the game instead
of the next most recent save! What can I do!?
A: When it starts a new game, run downstairs and pick up your journal and
then try to load a game. It will probably show you a list of games you
can load then choose one other than the one that keeps crashing on

7.4.2. Q: Will my savegames stay usable after the patch
A: Capn Bill said yes. But it is possibly wise to save your games before
patching to another directory

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7.5. Misc.

Q: Whats this file collis.log
A: Debug infos forgotten to take out. Taken care of in the patch.

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8.1 Official Support Sources

Electronic Arts Official Support:
By Fax 650-628-5999 Our fax machine receives faxes 24 hours a day. Faxes are
answered only during working hours (M-F, 8:30a.m. to 4:30p.m., PST) and are
answered in the order they are received.

Ultima Ascension Official Boards
The QA Board is most likely the best place to ask about technical related questions.

Ultima Ascension Official Webpage
Watch here for official informations and performance tips

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8.2 Unofficial Support Sources

Ultima Horizons

Ultima Horizons discussion board:

Ultima Dragons Newsgroup

Ultima Series Newsgroup

This is not an official support source, but anyway. LBs (public)
available email-adress is: lordbritish@origin.ea.com

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8.3 Hardware and Driver Support

8.3.1 Popular Chipset manufacturers:

nvidia: http://www.nvidia.com
Reference Drivers for Riva128, TNT, TNT2, M64, GeForce

3dfx: http://www.3dfx.com
Reference Driver for Voodoo1,2,3+, Banshee

8.3.2 Vendors:

Diamond Multimedia: http://www.diamondmm.com
Graphic Boards (Viper, etc) and Sound Boards

Creative Labs: http://www.creative.com
Graphic Boards and Sound Blaster Cards

8.3.3 Tuning and Support Sources

RivaZone: http://www.rivazone.com
Rivastation (german): http://www.rivastation.de
Source for Riva Chipset related news, tools, etc

3dfx.org : http://www.3dfx.org
Glide engine newspage

8.3.4.Other Sources

Microsoft DirectX Page: http://www.microsoft.com/directx
Latest DirectX runtime and developer information and download

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8.4 Other Ultima Related Links

If you run a ultima ascension related site and want to get listed
here, just mail me (windforce@gulbsoft.de).

Jeff Allens UA walkthrough

Telerim Dragon's UA newspage and "official unofficial FAQ"

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8.5 Reviews Section

If you spot a review of UIX, please drop me a line (windforce@gulbsoft.de)


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9. CREDITS (in non specific order)

Justin "Swany" Swanhart (html wiz)
Jonathan E. Wright

Cold Fire (DirectX wiz)
Frank Thoennes
Jason "loonyboi" Bergman
Jeff Allen
Lucas, Perry P
Tom Grandgent
Eric Nielsen
Ryan Fenton

The U9 Development Team, especially CapnBill and Amy "Cynthe" Sage

and all other people who submitted to this faq and were forgotten here.
Mail (windforce@gulbsoft.de) if you think you should be included here.

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. /\
. / \
. / !! \ S P O I L E R A R E A
. / \
. WARNING: If you intend to play the game without hints then don't scroll any further
. The following section contains spoilers like easter eggs, links to historical
. Ultima information, cheats and places to visit. You have been warned
10. EASTER EGGS, Cheats and historical Ultima Section SPOILERS !!!

NOTE: Sensitive spoiler information is ** written from right to left. **

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10.1. Cheats

-------- WARNING ON USING THE CHEATS -------------------

Amy "Cynthe" Sage posted this on the official boards:

I'm seeing that several people have found the
ability to include an in-game fly cheat, and a fast-walking cheat.
I feel it necessary to give you the true scoop on these and what
it can do to your game. In development, our goal was to get where
we needed to be to test things as quickly as we could, so the fly
and fast walking cheat were wonderful tools. However, our game is
made to played in a certain way. For example, if you're supposed
to walk into a clearing and have something happen, there is most
likely a trigger box around the entrance to that clearing. The trigger
box is placed in such a way that you can't help but walk through it,
and so the trigger works. However, if you fly, you can miss these important
spots, and some triggers won't work at all. It can also cause flags not
to be set for the same reason, so someone that's supposed to be
in a certain spot at a certain time won't be there because you
somehow flew past the part that triggered it. The fast-walk cheat has
also been proven to do the same thing. I know from my own experience that
it's possible to not set off triggers and flags from trigger areas if you
use the fast-walk cheat. In the final QA passes, it was necessary to do
everything the long way, using no cheats, since that is the only way you
can be assured of setting everything off the way it is meant to be done.
By no means am I insinuating that all bugs are the result of people using
cheats, but if you're using one of these, and you're having problems with
triggers not working, or the story not seeming to progress correctly,
chances are you might want to try reloading a saved game and not using those
cheats. Hope that helps.

So please, do not report bugs when you were using the cheats!

10.1.1.Q: Are there any cheatcodes
A: I (windforce) still don't have the game but found some cheats in the demo exe

Invulnerability: elbarenluvni_ratava_elggot :elif pmk.luafed ruoy ni
yek a ot gnirtsdnammoc gniwollof eht dniB
Flying: ylf_ratava_elggot :elif pmk.luafed ruoy ni yek a ot
gnirtsdnammoc gniwollof eht dniB
FastWalk: tsaf_ratava_elggot :elif pmk.luafed ruoy ni yek a ot
gnirtsdnammoc gniwollof eht dniB
Pass Time: etunim_eno_ssap, ruoh_eno_ssap, etunim_eno_ssapnu,
ruoh_eno_ssapnu :emit fo wolf eht etarelecca ot
sgnidnibyek lareves era erehT

There are some more commands like this one but I don't know what they are doing:
smrots_elggot, dniw_elggot, nus_elggot, tesnus_esirnus,

10.1.2. These are EXPLOITS which will *ruin* your game experience and create a super-avatar.
(posted by Ryan Fenton) don't know if they work in v1.05f

1. Reducing the need for reagents
emag eht ni slleps lla dnib ot tnegaer hcae fo eno ylno deen lliw uoy suhT .
yrotnevni ruoy otni tsnegaer eht dna llorcs eht keat nac uoy lleps eht fo sdrow
eht retne ot pu semoc yrtne txet eht nehw ,slleps gnidnib nehW

2. Turning "invisible" for monsters.
...nur nac uoy os uoy erongi lliw esrutaerc yrotnevni eht nepo uoy nehW

(Not possible in 1.05f?)

3. Getting unlimited mana.
semit detimilnu enod eb nac sihT .cigam ni esiar ll'uoy esufer uoy fI
.thgif a uoy reffo ,dekovorp fi,lliw ohw namrehsif a si ereht enirhs eht
gnisnaelc erofeb ,cisnirT nI

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10.2. Easter Eggs

10.2.1 Avatars House (On earth): hctaw dna semit lareves rotagirfer eht nepO
Maybe this will cool down some of the people ranting about low fps?

10.2.2 Q: Can I kill Lord British (IN THE GAME) (...for releasing the game too early;-/)
A: Yes, here's how:
yrgnuh teg ot mih rof tiaw tsuj nehT ...etalp eht no daerb rennid sBL
ecalper dna (rood terces) niatirB eltsac ni nehctik eht retne ,ereht ecnO.
(etagnoom eht evivrus lliw ti) ainnatirB ot ti ekaT .(rotagirfer eht ni)
noitop nosiop eht htiw ti nosiop dna erkamdaerb eht ni ruolf fo gab a
gnippord yb gnisu daerb a etaerc htraE nO

10.2.3 Q: Richard Garriot mentioned someday that he would be in the game in a way no one
would expect. Is he?
A: Sure he is: ...yromra eht ni retropelet eht ghuorht nosirp niatirB eltsac eht retnE

10.2.4. Britain:
llew eht ni eno worhT .snioc emos era llew eht raen hcneb a nO .erauqsnwot eht raen
llew gnihsiw a si erehTe

10.2.5 StarWars hint:
I was searching the northern part of Britannia and on a beach I saw a small girl
who says to me, "I'm going to marry you someday." On the sand the are the initials
A.S. + P.S. written with sea shells. Is this supposed to be Anakin Skywalker + Padme
Skywalker? The quote above was taken out of the movie so this makes sense.

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10.3. Things from older Ultimas

10.3.1 Q: Anyone seen Smith the Horse ?
A: swap raen tsopngis a no gnignah si ssacrac sih dna daed si htimS

10.3.2 Q: Is Sherry the mouse in the game?
A: Don't know yet.

10.3.3 Remember the guy from U7 who disguised as the Avatar?
.muesum eht dniheb kcahs eht tisiV

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10.4. Interesting Places

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10.5. Interesting Things to do

10.5.1. Gypsy wagon (On earth): Read the book in the back of the wagon.
10.5.2. Moonglow, (Joshua's house): Read the book on the floor.
10.5.3. Visit Lord Brinnes grave (behind a burned out building just behind
the west gate cemetary) have a silent prayer at Lord Brinnes grave.
10.5.4. Read the inscriptions on the tombstones

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10.6. General Knowledge

10.6.1. HOWTO create a potion:
A: To Create a Potion, place the reagent and an empty flask on a table
with an alchemy lab, then click the lab and POOF! Potion ready.

10.6.2. HOWTO Character Classes.
To achive a certain character class, just select the corresponding virtue
whenever possible in the gypsys questions.

Starting Equipment Note:
All character classes have a Fireball scroll, a Light scroll, 1 White potion and
a bag containing 1 orange and 2 yellow potions in the Stonegate chest)

Compassion-Bard-Weak,Proficient,Dim-30HP,15 mana target bow, arrows, map of Paws
Honesty-Mage-Weak,Clumsy,Brilliant-30HP,35 mana Arms of the Magi, map of Moonglow
Valor-Fighter-Powerful,Clumsy,Dim-90HP,15 mana Scimitar, map of Valoria
Sacrifice-Tinker-Strong,Nimble,Dim-60HP,15 mana Buckler, map of Minoc
Honor-Paladin-Strong,Clumsy,Smart-60HP,25 mana Chain Coif, map of Trinsic
Justice-Druid-Weak,Nimble,Smart-30HP, 25 mana Gnarled Staff, map of Yew
Spirituality-Ranger-Strong,Nimble,Smart-60HP, 20 mana Sextant, Gold Key
Humility-Shepherd-Weak,Clumsy,Dim-30HP,25 mana Crook of Charming

10.6.3. HOWTO bake bread.
Way 1: Drop a flourbag on the breadmaker

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10.7. Who is Who

This section is possibly horribly out of date. please mail me (windforce@gulbsoft.de) if you
can provide me with an update. This part was written in a hurry and I know I forgot a lot of you,
or even mispelled your names, but horizons is currently offline so I could not check the Top25...

10.7.1. Officials (Origin Systems)

Listed by callsign on the official boards

Knight (Executive Producer)
Pandora (Associate Producer)
Audball (Audio God)
Bill "CapnBill" Randolph (Lead)
Bevelator (Lead)
Amy "Cynthe" Sage (www.elderberries.com)
Richard "LordBritish" Garriot (Executive Designer)
Yavn (Lead)
Kezia - Writer
LadyMOI/Carly - Minister Of Information/PR

10.7.2. Nearly Officials

Official Board Operators
Darkheart (General Discussion Moderator)
IronFury (Q&A Moderator)
Durham Dragon (Q&A CoModerator)
Pariah (Rants and Raves Moderator)
MithDragon (Rants and Raves CoModerator)

10.7.3. Well known persons

Ultima Horizons (www.allgaming.com/ultimaix) Officials

Jazar (Host/Webmaster) and Keeper of Snookles
Transcending Dragon (Host/Webmaster)
Corinth (Forum Operator and big Top25 cheater :-)

Ultima Horizons (www.allgaming.com/ultimaix) frequent visitors

Snookles, a demonic sheep
ED, (evil minion of the guardian trying to turn UA into Tombraider)

Other well known Persons

Bob White. (Once Member of the U9 Developmentteam, sometimes to
find at the horizons)

Sith Dragon Keeper of the U9 FAQ and a famous UA Newspage until
he "retired" in '99. Also a frequent visitor of
the Horizons.

Stephan "Desslock." Janici. RPG news reporter (http://desslock.gamespot.com)

Mental4 aka Chris Baily. Keeper of the famous, now offline
Ultima@Scorched website for many years.