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Help Wanted - Paid

Position: Designer Name: Raven Software

Posted: 3/3/99

Well, it's that time again! We're on the lookout for a new design position.

Wow, you say, could I apply for this? The answer is a resounding YES!

Here's what you need to do: Send me (Eric Biessman) ONE map utilizing any 3D engine. This could be Quake, Quake 2, Unreal, Heretic 2, Hexen 2, SiN, and Half-Life. In the map, make sure that it is balanced for single player games. We don't want to see any deathmatch only levels. Please include a text file with a short description of what the level is about and what the player is expected to do. I would also like to see the length of construction time and what editor you used to create the map. (It would be nice to see a list of editors and programs that you are familiar with also.)

Also, please include a short bio about yourself and your resume. Please include what you like to do in your spare time, your hobbies, and anything that may make you stand out above the rest. If writing is your forte, include a sample SHORT story. I don't really have the time to read long stories, so the shorter the better.

We are looking to fill this position soon, so if you want to be considered, do it now.

Once again, here's the pertinent information:

  1. Send me the map-
  2. ONE SINGLE PLAYER map... I can't stress this enough.
  3. Include a bio about yourself and a resume
  4. The sooner the better. We'd like to get this rolling.

Oh yeah, and one more thing... you would have to be willing to move to Madison Wi... we can't have telecommuting. It just doesn't work.

Good luck to everyone, I can't wait to start looking at those maps!

Position: Various Name: Electronic Arts

Posted: 1/14/99

Electronic Arts is currently seeking candidates to fill positions on two PC action titles; a first person POV game and a 3rd person action/adventure. Positions are available for programmers, level designers, texture artists, modelers and animators. Previous experience with 1st person technology is desirable. Forward resumes and questions to Please do NOT send levels, artwork or other large files.

Portfolios can be sent to:
Electronic Arts
209 Redwood Shores Parkway
Redwood City, CA 94065
Attn: American McGee/Josh Gordon

Position: Programmers Name: Coil

Posted: 1/27/99

Coil, a new start-up gaming company, is looking to add programmers to work on their debut title, already in development. Applicants should be avid in C/C++, and have previous experience with Quake engine conversions. We are looking for people who are extremely dedicated, can focus on one project, and are serious about earning a position in the gaming market. For more information on our team and debut title, go to

Applicants should submit pervious work and information about themselves. Files need to be compressed into one .zip file. Text files may be in any format. Submissions should be mailed to

Position: Developer Relations Name: Matrox

Posted: 1/27/99

Your mandate is to schmooze with the creators of today's, and tomorrow's, hot computer games in order to promote and evangelize Matrox technology. Tasks often see you playing with games months before release or directing development decisions of top developers as well as traveling to various industry events around the world.

A university degree, preferably technical, is required as well as good interpersonal and organizational skills with a passion for gaming. You are completely fluent with written and spoken English and are available to travel.

Contact: Matrox Website

Position: 3D Modeler/Animator Name: Ritual Entertainment

Posted: 1/14/99

Yep, we're hiring again, this time a 3D modeler/animator for Heavy Metal: FAKK2, and Murphy Michaels has concocted a ZIP file which has a mini test of skills in it. Anyone who wants to apply should grab the zip file, follow the instructions, and strut their stuff.

More information can be found on our site, including a better description of the job position and the test itself.

Position: Various Name: Ne-XS Interactive

Posted: 1/14/99

Ne-XS Interactive is a virtual company that is working on the commercial Unreal add-on Alien Legion: Dark Frontier.

5 positions available (1 programmer, 3 level designers, 1 modeler). E-mail and see site for more information.


Position: Various Name: Acclaim Entertainment

Posted: 1/3/99

Acclaim Entertainment (Glen Cove, N.Y.) is diving into the future. The future is the Internet!

The Internet team seeks smart, self-motivated team players to apply their engineering skills in the latest cutting-edge technology. Several immediate positions are open in each of the following categories:

Network Software Engineers
Required Skills:
Excellent C programming skills, sockets, threads, and Unix or Windows NT development experience. At least a B.S. in Computer Science or related discipline and excellent oral and written communications skills. These Skills are a plus... TCP, UDP, protocol theory, client/server, RPC, IPC synchronization, DCOM, RS-232, TAPI, distributed algorithms, C++, Java, MIS skills.

Systems Software Engineers
Required Skills:
C, C++, and Win32 or Unix development experience. B.S. in Computer Science or related disciplines. At least a B.S. in Computer Science or related discipline and excellent oral and written communications skills.
These Skills are a plus... OOP Design, multithreading, IPC synchronization, assembly, STL, excellent math skills, multimedia internals, IRS/device drivers, communications, hardware knowledge.

Programming Interns
Are you the hotshot at your school? Acclaim Entertainment in is seeking several bright, self-motivated, quick learners with excellent C and C++ programming skills for immediate internship positions.

Contact: E-mail your resume to

Position: Various Name: Multiplay

Posted: 1/3/99

We are an online games service in Australia, looking to hire someone for a paid position. For more information, go here.

Position: Level Designers Name: The Collective

Posted: 1/3/99

The Collective (an Orange County, California-based game developer) is currently developing two PC action titles built upon Unreal technology, AEON FLUX and STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE. Both games will offer a unique blend of 3rd and 1st person action gameplay and are being published by GT Interactive. The Collective is currently seeking full-time Level Designers with substantial Unreal Editor experience to join the internal teams developing these leading-edge titles. All applicants must be over 18 and willing/able to relocate to Southern California.


Position: Various Name: 3DO

Posted: 11/18/98

3DO Is Hiring!

The 3DO Company, headquartered in Redwood City, CA, is the leading developer of interactive games for the PC, the Internet, and console entertainment systems. 3DO has a number of Product Development and Marketing opportunities, including:

  • Tech Lead - N64
  • SW Eng Mgr - PSX
  • Sr. SW Eng - PSX
  • Art Director - PSX
  • Sr. Artist - PSX
  • Artist II - PC, PSX
  • Level Layout Designer
  • Sr. Producer
  • Advertising Coordinator
  • Product Marketing Mgr
  • Asst Product Marketing Mgr

3DO offers a progressive benefits package including incentive stock options, Employee Stock Purchase Plan, 401(k), medical/ dental/vision coverage and disability/life insurance.

Resumes can be faxed to 650-261-3120 or sent via e-mail to Check out our website at for all 3DO job opportunities.

Position: Various Name: Black Pawn Productions

Posted: 11/5/98

Black Pawn Productions is forming a team of  artists, animators, modelers, level designers,  music and sound editors, voice-over artists, and especially PROGRAMMERS! You can join on per game or stick with the team. No relocation needed!

Contact: with the subject "Black Pawn--Help Offered" for more information.

Position: Programmer Name: Revenant, Inc.

Posted: 10/24/98


Revenant, Inc. is a small game company located in Houston, Texas. Revenant is looking for a third programmer for its Akolyte development team. The following skills are required:

  • Comfortable fluency in C++.
  • Some experience in 3D graphics programming and solid knowledge of 3D math.
  • Understanding of fundamental data structures, algorithms, memory management.
  • Game industry experience is a huge plus!

Revenant is building its own competitive engine for Akolyte and subsequent games. Here's an opportunity to be a key part of the development of one of the premier engines in the gaming industry.

Please send inquiries regarding this position to with the word 'Programmer' in the title. Please include a resume and/or a hyperlink to a web page showcasing any of your work.

Position: Animator Name: Surreal Soft, Inc.

Posted: 10/18/98


At present time, we are looking for an animator....though we are always on the lookout for talent, experienced and new alike. Surreal is located in Seattle Washington and has one of the better work environments I have seen to date. Interested individuals should visit for more information.