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Rob Huebner
Nihilistic | Jun 27 2000, 14:00:48 (ET) |
Nihilistic Software

User Name.........Innerloop
Full Name.........Robert Huebner
Description.......Lead Programmer


Just a quick status update on what we're working on here at the haven -

The final submission of the patch is going out to Activision today. This
is the patch that addresses the issues that Ray posted about earlier on the
boards, but just by way of summary:

- Save anywhere, named save slots, warnings on overwriting autosaves
- Pause during combat to issue orders or adjust inventory, disciplines, etc.
(this looks really cool BTW - because you still have full camera control
while the particles and effects are all paused, very matrix-esque)
- Bug fixes (of course)
- Tweaked AI use of disciplines a bit based on user feedback
- Improved collision-avoidance and pathfinding issues based on feedback
- Improvements to make the game more modifiable (changes to how files are
found and opened at startup, mainly, easier to add templates and skins)
- Difficulty tweaked in a few key areas

For MP:

- Much lower bandwidth usage for MP games on modems
- New Storyteller abilities:
- Rename characters in the game at will
- Change player generation and humanity stats
- Move NPCs between locations
- Better performance with load-balancing on chat servers, etc.

These are the main points, there are a lot of more minor tweaks throughout
the game. Most of the changes were based on user feedback on our web site
and bug reports submitted to Activision's customer support folks.

Since this is a fairly major patch, it will undergo a full QA sweep which
will take several days, so we can't give a firm street date on the release
yet. Size shouldn't be too bad, since the changes are primarily code and
not data.

In other news, the first of TWO demos to be released should be arriving
within a week from today and will be the Dark Ages demo, representing the
first half of the game. There will be a second demo for the modern-day
portion of the game to follow shortly. These demos use a newer version of
the engine so include many of the feature additions like save-anywhere and
combat pausing. The dark ages demo should be a bit smaller, around 87MB,
and the modern day one is a bit over 100MB. Pretty large, but there's a lot
in there. Hopefully you'll give them both a look, they play very differently.

Finally, the first release of the SDK happened about a week ago and has been
well received. There is a second release in the works, the main difference
is just the inclusion of the original .MAP files for the levels in the game,
so you can see how they were constructed and play around with the original
brushes, etc. Overall that's a good way to learn Embrace/Radiant, starting
with a map you're familiar with. There are also some small tweaks to the
level editing tool for the next rev, but nothing major. If you have SDK
suggestions or requests, please use the Editing forum on our web board or
any of the other editing sites that have popped up.

As always please keep the feedback coming, all 12 of us are working hard to
address the great feedback we've been getting from the user community to
make the game, multiplayer experence, and the SDK everything you want it to
Maarten Kraaijvanger 04/5
Yves Borckmans 02/15
Steve Thoms 09/13
Ingar Shu 05/4
Rob Huebner 02/27
Carson Utz 02/26
Anthony Chiang 09/19
Ray Gresko 09/19
Brent McLeod 06/8
Steve Tietze 06/8

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