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Spencer Maiers
Monolith | Web Doodz | Dec 7 1998, 12:08:43 (ET) |

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Plan modified: Mon Dec 07 11:44:05 1998


Just thinking about a movie I saw with Bill V and Mike D last nite... "Very Bad Things" ... I really liked the movie, very funny and very dark... But the thing that struck me the most was that this dude's wife-to-be was a movie version of my ex girlfriend... The hurtfllness! I can be certain that a tall friend of mine will make the exact same comments and give me endless crap about it... Thankfully I have grown past that stage of my life, and now I just wanna go to the gym with P. Budd and A. St Bunn

-Spen 12/1/98
Just a quick update as I work late into the night...

I love my PC's speakers.

Brand: JUSTer
Model: Active SP-935 - Hi-Fi Stereo Speakers
Power Rating: 160 Watts (Not sure if they are using the new match or something... 160 watts? yeah, probably not...)

These little bastards keep going no matter how loud I turn them up, and believe I have maxed these little suckaz out.

Other life activities? Getting the Gruntz site up and trying to weight 220 lbs. I hope I make both of these goals... EEk! 11/27/98

I am convinced that I will never develop carpal tunnel syndrome because I never learned to type correctly... I just hunt and peck without looking now. If I had to classify that fact with an adjective, I would use the word "dope"

Well, life goes well.. Had a good, great thanxgivin with my Pop, Uncles, Grandma, and Girlfriend. Many laughs!

I can't wait until the Gruntz site is done, it uses "stretching technology" and is something that I have wanted to put in for a long time! Jeahhhhhhhhhhhh

Hit 255 on the bench for 3 reps by myself yesterday. Paul B. is also getting huge, and his arms (cannons) are growing by the day. So is aaron st john, who is clocking in at a rather manly 205LBS at 5-11. We won't talk about Jason, who is really tall and really huge. I am hoping to get into the "300 club" soon, with Jace and soon-to-be-member Derek F.

Btw, my last read book was "Physical enhancement with fruits and vegetables"

Other news? Gonna probably get a Yellow FUBU hat tomorrow. Their hats actually use "stretching technology" too. Paul tells me I look like crap in it, but who cares *sniff* . It will match my XXXL FUBU shirt and my yellow cross trainers.

Mad shopping day tomorrow, and my el-cheapo bon card is burning a hole in my pocket. Sir castro & I might just need to hit that place up.

Well, back to work. Luvv

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