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Gruntz related:

Wow, it truly has been a long time since my update. Well, now that Gruntz is almost on the shelves and I'm on our next "secret" project, I can make some time for an update. I hope that everyone likes the game and I'm sure that it will provides tons of entertainment for just about everyone. This game allowed Aaron Carlson and I to really put some "pizazz" into the little in-game Grunt animations. We totally had a blast overexaggerating the movement of the little fella's actions. Nothing like a big whopping smack on the head from one of the Clubz. Not to the mention the poor grunt on the receiving end of it.

"The Other Game" news:

At the moment, I'm modeling and animating stuff. I'm aiming for some realistic models and actions and this takes a lot of tweaking to get things just right. It's really hard to talk about a game that is still "behind closed doors" so I'll just have to leave it at that. Sorry. 4/23/98

It seems as though I broke away from my duties to keep the public informed with my progress. Riot is looking pretty exceptional right now and I can't wait until everyone gets the chance to join in on all the fun that we've been having putting the game together. I'm really amazed how all the pieces of the puzzle are fitting together to create an awesome look and feel. Right now, I am slowly recovering from a harddrive fiasco that we had over the weekend. The good news is that no matter how good things looked the first time you do it, it almost always looks better when you have to redo the work over again. I'm pretty much off the Riot project at the present because I moved over to the GRUNTZ team doing cinematics and in-game animation. I'm still lending a hand, when I can, in the Riot cinematics because Pete has pretty much been the lone crusader while getting everything done within the current time parameters. Whew, and it's almost complete!!!! :)


The cinematics are going great and the Riot team is brewing up some interesting effects for your viewing pleasure. I hope your eyes don't pop out from the overload of visual stimulus. Good luck.


I've been recovering from the Xmas break and the New Years festivities so I'll make a plan file as soon as I get the chance.

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