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I would like to bid Dan Davis a fond farewell, he contributed greatly to "GRUNTZ" and had his hands in
almost all of Monoliths current releases and projects. Good luck with your future and congrrats on the wedding.

Also speaking of the old "GRUNTZ" Gang tomorrow Janine Klees and Jason Zuerange will be over to pick up there copy of "GRUNTZ". They are now at Microsoft, but contributed allot to the "GRUNTZ" project.

While I'm at it I'd like to welcome Chris Morack, John Gabriel, Curt Salzman and Keith Bonarrigo to the Art Dept, all of theses
guys are already becoming a great asset to the LITH. Welcome aboard!


There so many exciting things going on these days around Monolith, every time I turn around
some new cool thing has been created its hard to keep up with all this magic brewing that's for sure.

We are all looking forward to "GRUNTZ" being released, if you have not tried the demo its worth checkin out, its crazy fun.

Speaking of crazy fun "SANITY" is looking fantastic, I guarantee this product will be a whole new
gaming experience, everyone will be hearing more about this.


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