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Nick Newhard
Monolith | Company | Nov 12 1998, 15:42:52 (ET) |

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I was extremely saddened to read about the recent death of Jim Nitchals, one of the creators of the Starpath Supercharger for the Atari 2600.

My mom was a mere accounting clerk at Arcadia/Starpath back in those days when I was able to visit a lot during the summer. Besides getting my own Starpath, some t-shirts, and a wad of games (my favorites were Dragonstomper! and Escape from the Mindmaster), I received something far more valuable -- inspiration. Being around a bunch of hyperkinetic game developers at that age surely rubbed off, because more than anything I wanted to learn how to make games.

And while I don't remember Jim or "Doc" Brown by face, the impact of meeting them and their contribution to the Atari 2600 will never be forgotten.
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