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After hours of exhausting research, I think I've finally been able to translate Ben Coleman's mysterious message:


"Please ... No
& get of my fireballs man."


"Please ... No
& get some ice for my burning clusters dude."

Hmm … on second thought, maybe the original message goes way beyond any logical translation.


Hmm ... where to start ... well, Riot's pumpin away. We're getting close to our first beta and I must say that the game is looking sick* (a Todd C. word used to indicate sweetness). Blood 2, as usual, is looking sick as well. Sick in this case indicates:

1) a (1)affected with disease or ill health (2) quesey or nauseated, c: undergoing menstruation (IF YOU'RE A MALE AN BEGIN EXPERIENCING MENSTRATION, PLEASE CONTACT YOUR LOCAL PSYCHOLOGIST IMMEDIATELY)

2) Spiritually or morally unsound or corrupt (YUP!!)

3) sickened by strong emotion b : having a strong distaste from surfeit (WHAT THE HECK DOES SURFEIT MEAN? ... ANYBODY??,)

4) a: mentally or emotionally unsound or disordered (WE CALL THIS CRAIG HUBBARD SYNDROME) : morbid, macabre, or sadistic.

All the above apply's to Blood2 ... which means it's gonna be one of the sickest* game of the year (sick*, as in sweet).


* "sick" should be replaced by "sic" where noted. I believe that would be the "hip" way to spell it.

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