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After hours of exhausting research, I think I've finally been able to translate Ben Coleman's mysterious message:


"Please ... No
& get of my fireballs man."


"Please ... No
& get some ice for my burning clusters dude."

Hmm on second thought, maybe the original message goes way beyond any logical translation.


Hmm ... where to start ... well, Riot's pumpin away. We're getting close to our first beta and I must say that the game is looking sick* (a Todd C. word used to indicate sweetness). Blood 2, as usual, is looking sick as well. Sick in this case indicates:

1) a (1)affected with disease or ill health (2) quesey or nauseated, c: undergoing menstruation (IF YOU'RE A MALE AN BEGIN EXPERIENCING MENSTRATION, PLEASE CONTACT YOUR LOCAL PSYCHOLOGIST IMMEDIATELY)

2) Spiritually or morally unsound or corrupt (YUP!!)

3) sickened by strong emotion b : having a strong distaste from surfeit (WHAT THE HECK DOES SURFEIT MEAN? ... ANYBODY??,)

4) a: mentally or emotionally unsound or disordered (WE CALL THIS CRAIG HUBBARD SYNDROME) : morbid, macabre, or sadistic.

All the above apply's to Blood2 ... which means it's gonna be one of the sickest* game of the year (sick*, as in sweet).


* "sick" should be replaced by "sic" where noted. I believe that would be the "hip" way to spell it.

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