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Plan modified: Mon Jan 04 18:28:26 1999


Don't buy Baldur's Gate if you value your free time. I've put a good 30 hours into the game and I feel like I've barely scratched the surface :)

If you are even remotely interested in RPGs BUY THIS GAME. You will not be disappointed.

-$- 10/23/98

First off I just want to make one thing about the Alpha patch perfectly clear. It CAN mess up your single player game. Shogo v1.0 saved games WILL NOT work with Shogo v1.1 (Alpha). Period. Jace was smoking crack when he wrote his plan file ;)

Also, here are some other things that have been fixed in the patch:

* Fixed frag screen being displayed between multiplayer levels.

* Fixed MCA vehicle to on-foot level weapons bug (fun bug that allowed you to have MCA weapons in on-foot levels ;)

* Fixed a bug that caused player to be stuck in first frame of an animation.

* Picked up weapons don't get automatically switched to in Multiplayer.

* Added "picked up" messages for all pick up items (that didn't already have messages)

* Fixed AI shooting through walls/doors bug.

* Enhanced AI scent biscuit technology(tm) (They don't get caught on corners as much).

* Picked up item sounds now play in client's head.

* Added screen flashes for when items are picked up.

* Removed explosion when killing MCA's with melee weapons (due to popular demand).

* Moved 3rd-person camera intersect segments to client (allows for 3rd person view in multiplayer - which is now enabled).

* AIs now are pushed down slopes.

* Fixed ammo icon not always displayed correctly after reloading a saved game.



The Shogo patch is really coming along. Here are some of the things that I've recently worked on:

Fixed the bug that caused scripted AIs to go into their idle state instead of their aggressive state (caused the bug that allowed you to walk right up to an enemy without getting a cap in your ass ;)

Fixed the bug that caused AIs not to target enemies that were firing at them.

Increased the visible range of the AIs (so they should always 'see' you when you can see them).

Fixed AIs being sometimes afraid to go down stairs bug.

Fixed muzzle flash not going away when you die (the "firefly of death" bug :)

Increased death brush damage (sometimes you could bounce out of a death brush before you were killed)

Made dead bodies disappear after 2 minutes in multiplayer (will probably make this a console command, so dead bodies can stay around as long as people wish ;)

Fixed bug that allowed you to zoom (the sniper rifle) when in vehicle mode

Increased energy grenade damage (makes this weapon a lot more useful, especially in multiplayer ;)

Made player footstep sounds play in client's head (makes them a little louder, and sound more consistent)

Added longer pause after you die before load screen comes up (fixes "why am I in the menus?..oh, I must have died" bug)

Fixed red screen of death bug (bug that caused the screen to stay tinted red after reloading a saved game)

Anyway, these are some of the game related fixes that I've made in the last few days. I have many more on my list for the patch, but I don't see any problem getting them all done on time :)

I should also note that MikeD has *totally* pimped out the multiplayer code. Can you say "silky smooth", I thought you could ;)



Word-up Sandi! How's everything over there in accounting land? You remember our deal don't you (one for Monolith, two for Money, two for Monolith, four for Money..hehe ;)



It has been forever since I updated this thang...just too much work and not enough time I guess...


I've just been slacking...

Well. I guess you probably want to hear something cool about Shogo…

[No idiot we want to hear about your pathetic life as a programmer…let us guess: you work 12-to-12, eat lunch at Denny’s, you probably spend weekends writing code (or if you’re lucky playing games) or maybe you go out with your girlfriend (yeah, right! Like you HAVE a girlfriend, haha –loser…why the hell am I reading this lame .plan file anyway?!? Screw this, I wonder what’s going on over at gamegirlz…]

…as I was saying before I was rudely interrupted by my Low Self Esteem™…

Something cool about Shogo…well, heck, what ISN’T cool about Shogo! (hehe)

[What the hell is this! Does Jace write ALL their damn .plan files!?! What a bunch of stuck up, conceited, propaganda slinging malarkey is this!?!…There are plenty of .plan files I can read if I want to hear how cool somebody thinks they are! I thought these Monolith guys were different, but noooooo, give em an inch and they take a mile. Some web site tells them that, “well, okay, maybe you guys don’t suck as bad as we thought you did” and the next thing you know they’ve all got attitude and all their .plan files have titles like “Senior Executive Supreme Code Guru A La Mode and Satchel Bunny”…]

Down boy! Down! Get….back…in your…cage!


Yeah, I really am “that fucked up.” ;)

Okay, the goods:

Shogo is finally, feature complete! I can now spend some much needed time fine-tuning / bug fixing this beeyotch! The end is in sight! Who ha!

MikeD and I went over some game optimizations yesterday [Read: removing all the sleep() calls from the AI…well, hell, I get tired sometimes, I thought maybe those guys could use a rest, I mean geeez, if you had to keep the entire known universe (what’s he talking about?) free from the type of vermin (okay, where is he going with this one) that those poor almost defensiveless (umm huh) little tick-eaters (what? – Nerd jokes sprinkled among a tangent to a tangent, I’m sorry we’re going have to take off style points for that one)…where was I…ahhh, ummm…oh…never mind] and I actually implemented some of them today Woo Hoo! (who’d I pick that up from….hmmm, I wonder :)…

So…soon the world will have a nice little [oh yeah, sure, NOW he’s humble] Anime action game to go with their, well, hell, what does an Anime game GO with anyway…ahh screw it…anime is kinda “weird” anyhow…

I mean gamers don’t really want to play an Anime (*cough* Final Fantasy) inspired game. We all know that there isn’t really room in the first-person shooter market for a game that isn’t about, well…what exactly are most first-person shooters about?…oh yeah, SHOOTING stuff! So where was I…Anime and and first-person shooters…Come on. Have you actually seen any of this Anime stuff?!? It has all these “weird” things that just don’t fit in the first-person shooter genre. Like these big robot things. Come on, who really wants to run around in a giant robot stepping on people, and cars, and buildings, and…come on, where does that fit into the whole “dungeon crawl” experience that a first-person shooter MUST have. Sure, these robot things carry big guns that do more damage than ever before seen in a first-person shooter (hmmm, maybe that’s the problem…do people really want big guns, and big explosions, and body / robot parts flying all over the place…that just distracts from being able to enjoy the whole “dungeon crawl” aspect that is required (isn’t it?) of a first-person shooter. People don’t really want that (do they?)…

And this whole thing about a story. Come off it. All I wanna do is SHOOT stuff…I don’t care if there are multiple endings, and that you don’t really know who’s on your side and who isn’t. I just want to SHOOT somebody. I don’t want my actions to affect anything that happens in the game. I wanna know that every time I play level 35 that the creature on the left will yell “urgle blorg” (Note: since a real first-person shooter takes place in some sort of dungeon it must contain some type of “creature” that, of course, doesn’t speak English), and spit its acid snot at me, and that if I run down the tunnel to the right and jump into the lava that I’ll find the super-duper-special powerup that now makes me able to kill “urgle” with 15 shots instead of 25. Now, THAT is what makes a first-person shoot fun! Come on. Most Anime doesn’t have this kind of stuff. It has characters, that get developed, and grow, who you come to like (or hate). And plots that makes you feel sad (or happy) when they die …I don’t want to feel sad, or happy, or any of those “fuzzy” ways…I just want to shoot things…

Get real. Look at the weapons in Anime…They’re just plain “weird.” Who wants to shoot energy beams at people anyway? And multiple rockets (coming out of the same gun at the same time?!?)…No sir-e-bob, one rocket was good enough for my father’s father, so dag-nab-it, one rocket should be good enough for me!

Nope. Anime is too “weird” to inspire a first-person shooter…


Sarcasm? No thank you, I brought my own.

( last thing...there was thiS certain person, who asked me to mention them in my .plAn file...well, I wasN't quite sure if she was really up to the high quality stanDards that I try to set, when writIng these...So, I decided to shank...hehehehehehe ;)



PFP can bite me.


I spent last week getting demo functionality in for E3. It is pretty cool, makes "manning the booth" a bit easier :)

Now I'm working on fixing up the weapon effects a bit for E3, they've haven't been touched in a while (and it shows :).

I just implemented a level-placed camera object, which should allow level designers to set up some pretty cool in-game stuff. I think Shogo's levels really lend themselves to some cool cinematic sequences, so now we can exploit that a little more ;)

My pathetic life:

Saw Dogzilla (whatever) today. It could have been worse. If you haven't seen it and want to know what it is like, basically just mix Independence Day, Jurrasic Park, and Biloxi Blues (Ferris Bueller was awesome, but Mathew Broderick ain't no hero)...

As long as I'm talking about over-hyped movies...Deep Impact...what a waste. If you haven't seen it, don't. Save your $. I actually wanted the Asteroid to hit the Earth. I was thinking "Gee if the Asteroid hits the Earth then maybe all these lame characters will be killed and the movie will be over!"

After seeing the trailers preceeding Frogzilla, I'm afraid we're in for a long boring summer at the movies...oh well, there is always Shogo to look forward to ;^}



I would have to agree with Pendle-bunz about the .plan thang :)

So what have I been up to....hmmm, where to start. I've spent quite a bit of time recently on the AI:

Expanded my AI scripting system to support looping
scripts, opportunity firing (i.e., stop the script to put a cap in your ass, then continuing the script) and different levels of blocking priorities (i.e., can the player block a
scripted AI or does the AI push the player out of the way).

Also implemented AI and player hand-held weapon models. It is pretty cool to see the AI and player's hand-held weapon change when they switch weapons (and fall to the ground when they die so you can pick it up).

Also implemented an initial version of texture (surface) specific special fx. This is a pretty cool feature. This allows us to tie certain sounds or fx to a texture so brushes with a metal/wood/etc. texture make the appropriate sounds when players/AI walk on them. Also weapon impacts make the appropriate sounds and effects on these surfaces as well...Pretty cool...

On the social side of things...JJ and I have been hitting the links quite a bit the last week. Now JJ is a natural (we call him 'Tiger-Shark' since his game is a cross between Tiger Woods' and GregNorman's). In other words, he is just plain intimidating. When we're playing for money and I've got that 4 foot par putt and he's got a 50 yard chip over trees for par, and he holes it out...I'm just like "Damn, I've just been John Jacked!"...and of course I'm so pissed, that I miss my putt and end up throwing my putter into a water hazzard...

It seems like a lot of people at Monolith have been talking about playing more. Maybe we should start a Monolith tourney. Hmmm, that could be interesting. I'll have to think on that one...



No comment.


FBI FILE #708231366
Name: Kevin Stephens
Whereabouts: Unknown
Know Aliases: Money, BadAsh, MenuBoy


*** Following are excerpts from a string of internal
*** Monolith emails which, we believe, contain enough
*** conclusive evidence of email extortion to put
*** #708231366, and the rest of his band, away for a
*** very, very long time.


From: Kevin Stephens
Sent: Wednesday, November 19, 1997 5:53 PM
To: All Monolith Personnel

Hi All...

I just got off the phone with **EDITED** from **EDITED** (I think where we got Rastan from) anyway, he told me that we can have our very own Spy Hunter machine (just like the arcade!!!) for around $500 bucks! I know that I'm very interested in this (but I know not everyone is), anyway let me know if you would be willing to contribute to this very worthy cause!

Please let me know about how much you'd be willing to contribute.



TARGET: $500.00

p.s. HURRY, Only a few proud people will be able to say that THEY helped improve Monolith's Arcade...don't be left out...don't sit on the sidelines...take a something with your $...what good is it doing you in the bank anyway?!?


Kevin Stephens (
Monolith Productions, Inc. (

From: Kevin Stephens
Sent: Wednesday, November 19, 1997 5:53 PM
To: All Monolith Personnel

Contributions so far: Gift from Me

Nick: $25 (no more whining...for a while)
Craig: $50 ($50 worth of Crack - i.e. .0001 ounce)
Kev S.: $50 N/A
Gobes: $50 (Localizable dialog boxes for now on)

Total: $175

TARGET: $500.00


Kevin Stephens (
Monolith Productions, Inc. (

From: Kevin Stephens
Sent: Wednesday, November 19, 1997 5:53 PM
To: All Monolith Personnel
Subject: MORE MONEY!


Contributions so far: Gift from Me

Bill V: $25 (Property: "Crumbly")
Ben O: $50 (uh, love?)
Kev L.: $25 (aaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!)


Total: $295

TARGET: $500.00

ONLY $205 more to go!!!

Kevin Stephens (
Monolith Productions, Inc. (

From: Kevin Stephens
Sent: Wednesday, November 19, 1997 5:53 PM
To: All Monolith Personnel
Subject: The Love


Contributions so far: Gift from Me

Jeremy: $30 (A Monolith sponsored LINUX server!!! :)
Israel: $33.27 (Explanation of integer math)
Adam K: $25 (my crap?!?...he asked for it...)
Steve: $19.95 (Fragrant Riot meetings)
Joel: $20 (Only 1 plan file)


Total: $423

TARGET: $500.00

ONLY $77 more to go!!!

Now, this is what I love about working for Monolith...the love, the caring, the devotion to great gaming...We only have $77 more to go in this E-mail-A-Thon, and I want each and everyone of you to know that it has a been a privilege to be associated with such a class act...

Now I know that it is easy to say, hey, why should I help pay for a Spy Hunter arcade game? It won't even be in the building where I work...there will probably be lines when I want to play...I never did get to the boat stage anyway. What if we all thought like this. Where would the Monolith arcade be today?!? No, the employees who pitched in for Rastan had a vision, and this whole E-mail-A-thon is about supporting that vision. I want you to look deep into your heart (and pocketbook - ha, ha, ) and see if there is a Spy Hunter fan just begging to be free...I bet if you look close enough you'll find one...

Kevin Stephens (
Monolith Productions, Inc. (

From: Kevin Stephens
Sent: Wednesday, November 19, 1997 5:53 PM
To: All Monolith Personnel
Subject: The Love


Contributions so far: Gift from Me

Ernie: $1 (Hooked on phonics)
Nathan: $10 ($10 worth of Craig's Crack)
Jay: $10-20 (Shareable code :)
Paul L.: $27 (Helpful AI suggestions??? :)


Total: $471

TARGET: $500.00

ONLY $29 more to go!!!

Now, I know not everyone can be a Platinum member of the Monolith Arcade club. That's okay. For a $10 contribution, you get all the privileges of the Platinum members (free Spy Hunter gameplay 24/7), but you don't get the best gifts from fact, you might get a shank...

This just in, Nathan just donated $10 and said: "Here's $10 bucks ... now leave me alone"... brings a tear to my eye.

And Jay had this to say when he made his $10-20 contribution: "I could do more if it weren't so close to X-mas." Saddled with X-mas obligations and STILL willing to sacrifice for the good of the Monolith Arcade...heros are born of less.

When Paul L. donated his $27 he said: "Ok, Ok, I have tears ...". Tears, from a grown man with children. See, even men cry when the cause is noble enough...

And when Ernie sent in his $1 (we all do what we can) donation, he said: "4 ur thx L8R =)". I'm not sure what he meant by that, but it was touching none-the-less.

Kevin Stephens (
Monolith Productions, Inc. (

From: Kevin Stephens
Sent: Wednesday, November 19, 1997 5:53 PM
To: All Monolith Personnel
Subject: Who will put us over the top?


Contributions so far: Gift from Me

Pultz: $27 (Let you beat me at Blood)


Total: $498

TARGET: $500.00

ONLY $2 more to go!!!

Who will be the one...Or will it take more than one (Ernie). You, yes you, can be the one to say "I put the Spy Hunter E-Mail-A-Thon over the top!" You, yes you, can be the one to say "I made history, and helped all of Monolith return to a e-mail-a-thon free work day." You, YES YOU, can be the one to say "I was the one to finally shut the ?@#$* Kevin up!"

Or will you let someone else take all the glory?

Kevin Stephens (
Monolith Productions, Inc. (


*** At last count, #708231366 had raised over $1000
*** for the supposed use of adding games to
*** Monolith's arcade. As of the writing of this
*** report only one, half-working Golden Axe machine
*** had been added to the arcade. In all likelihood,
*** that is all anyone will ever see of this money.

*** If you have seen, or know the whereabouts, of
*** #708231366 (alias Money), please get in touch
*** with your local FBI. We cannot allow this type
*** of blatant criminal activity to go unpunished.



Alrighty then.

Yes, this used to be BadAsh's .plan file. I decided after
working on Riot for that last few months, that I should probably move my .plan. While BadAsh was a cool handle while working on B2, I decided it didn't quite work for Riot. Thus, I opted for a more generic handle (see the movie Swingers for the intended meaning).


What can I say, this game just gets better and better.
The whole Riot team busted ass the last few weeks to get
a completely functional level done for Microsoft. I must admit it looks fantastic. I'm sure there will be new screenshots up soon...

Well, I've decided to update my most popular .plan file update ("Charlie and the Carnage Factory" posted on 8/31) with some pics sent in by one of my many fans...okay, so some guy (D. Butler) - who has just a bit too much free time :)

Anyway, without further ado:

Charlie "Want Some?!?" Bucket

Willie "Pimp'n it" Wonka

Veruca "I want it now!" Salt

Umpa "What do you get..." Loompas



Hmmmm. What to say, what to say. Does it really matter?
I'm convinced that only myself and maybe one or two other
people here at Lith even read this thing. I get absolutely
no mail from anyone outside the company saying "man, that
thing you said in your .plan file was twisted. I'm going
to hunt you down and make you bark like the dog you are."
Not that it matters, but I guess it would probably make me
feel better to know that all of the *cough* effort, and
*sniff* time I put into this thing is being appreciated by
someone...Okay, so here it is: If you don't work at Lith
and are reading, have read, or know someone who doesn't
work at Lith who has read this or any other plan file of
mine (BadAsh or MenuBoy), please send me an email
( stating, for the record that you:

C)don't give a rat's ass about
D)ask your lab partner
E)none of the above
F)all of the above
G)some of the above
H)A, C, E, F
I)A, most of the time but, B on Feb 2, 1953

my plan file.

Thank you for your support.

Okay, enough crying, whining and acting like a little
girly-man from me for one plan update...

What am I working on...Well, Miyayayk is just about done
with the conversion of DE from using DScript to C/C++. So,
I've started to convert Riot from DScript to C++. There
has been a rather heated debate going on here at Lith about
whether we should code our games in C or C++. I find the
whole debate rather interesting (probably due to my 7 years
in Academia where I heard/participated in numerous debates
of this sort), so of course I'm on the fence throwing
gas on the fire (and sitting back and roasting marshmallows:).

The debate is basically this: If we write our games in C
then it will be much easier to port our games to other
systems. However, if we write our games in C++ we get all
the cool features of the C++ language, but would have more
work if we end up porting our games to other platforms...
Well, for Riot, we are fairly certain that we won't be
porting it to other platforms, so we've decided to convert
the DScript to C++. However, for some of the other DE
games we have in development (like B2), this isn't
necessarily the case...

Now, to me, the whole debate is rather silly. C++ really
is just C with Object Oriented sugar-coating. There are
VERY few things you can do in C++ that you can't do in C.
The argument that C++ better supports Object Oriented
methodologies than C is true, however, it is not very
difficult to write good OO code in C. In Fact, for DE to
support (polymorphic) C++ objects, the overhead of an extra
function call is incurred on every function call DE makes
on the C++ objects (not to mention the overhead of
calculating which virtual function to use).

In defense of C++, the calculation of which virtual function
to use is something like a single addition to find the offset
into the virtual table (which is very minimal). In addition,
the ability to use overloaded operators for things like
vector math is going to make the C++ code much cleaner than
the corresponding C code. Of course, C++ also better
supports the creation and destroying of objects than C.
Finally, most of the engineers here at Lith have been
writing their code in C++, so we are used to the
idiosyncrasies and pitfalls associated with C++ (not really
an argument for C++, just something to note).

Well, as you can probably tell, I'm on the fence. I can see
the good, the bad, and the ugly of using either language...

All I know is that since we are NOT using DScript, life is
good (for more on this see Mike Dussault's .plan file).

Okay, I think I'm done with this installation of my plan.
If anything above seems incoherent, inconsequential, or
just plain foolish, that is probably due to the fact that
it is.

As always, forward criticisms to PackSand@Rat.Hole.



Well, it looks like B2 decided not to re-negotiate my contract...
and Riot decided to exercise their option to pick me up on the
waiver wire...So, I'll be with the Riot team at least until the playoffs...

Okay, so what really happened is that Riot (which is using the
same engine as B2, but has a tighter timeline) needed a little
more engineering muscle and, hell, we all know what a
beefcake (BEEFCAKE!) I am...So, Jay and Craig played a
game of Quake for me, and we can all guess the outcome of
that...Okay, okay, it happened a little higher up the food-chain...but I think the Quake game would have been
more fun to watch...

So what does this mean to the common layman...probably not a whole lot. I'll be "officially" making cool shit for Riot, and B2 will just have to steal it :). I figure if I can pull all the right strings (oh yeah, didn't you know? Engineers run Monolith. "Who runs
Monolith?" Master-Blaster runs Monolith...) Sorry, I think I've seen one too many Mad Max movies...So, where was I...oh yeah... so I figure if I pull all the right strings I'll end up doing most of the AI for Riot and B2...Just picture it: futuristic, mechanized, metal bent to serve me in one game, and horrific, demonic, evil doing my biding in another...he. he, he. ha! Ha...HAA BBBHAAAAAAAAAA, cha, chu *gasp* *choke*...

Just had a cool idea for a 3D-shooter:

"Charlie and the Carnage Factory"

You play the part of Charlie. A shy, pre-pubescent boy growing
up in "the hood". Although you've had a rough life, you've
always managed to keep a smile on your face and a twinkle in
your eye. So, one day the worlds biggest drug lord (William
"Willy" Wonka), who just happens to run the local drug factory,
holds a contest for all his pushers. He knows he won't live
forever (and he's already pushing 23, which is old for a drug
lord), so he decides to find his replacement. And, who better
to be his replacement than someone that knows what today's
discriminating crack-addict wants in a drug. So, he places 5
gold bars in 5 different shipments...

Of course, you know nothing about this little contest, but as
luck would have it you find a suitcase full of crack on your way
home from church and decide you'd better return it to the local
drug lord before you find you family, your friends, and your dog
all dead. Okay, so of course there is a gold bar in the suitcase,
and of course Willy has lots of kids selling drugs, so he just
assumes that you are one of his pushers...anyway, you find
yourself (and the 4 other contest winners) being escorted to
Willy's famous factory.

Now, at this point you're just happy to be alive, so you pretend
to be who Willy thinks you are...but, of course, everybody under
Willy in the organization knows all the other pushers, so they
figure you must be a Narc...However, at this point, you've
already been introduced to all the factory workers (who all
come from some small South American country, and call themselves "Ompa Lumpas"). Also, Willy has already shown
you all the new drugs (LSD wallpaper for children, model-glue soda-pop for teenagers, and of course, the "creme de la
creme" of the new drugs, the "everlasting job-stopper"
(you take it once and you're either high forever, or you're
dead..either way, you're set for life)...

So, after hours of "interrogation" (most of it done with the back
of Willy's hand), Willy leaves you to die in the pit of his factory.

Okay, so this is where the game would start...You've been
pushed too far this time. Your pleasant disposition is starting
to crack, that happy smile is turning into an evil grin. You start
to think, "Okay Charlie, you're under control, you're going to
be fine." when it occurs to you that you were named after a
woman's perfume...


You're trapped in the drug factory surrounded by Ompa
Lumpas toting machine guns and rocket launchers. So you
have to fight your way out past an Army of Ompa Lumpas,
through rivers of corrosive toxic waste, and of course past
the other 4 contest winners...

Man, the spec. for this game just writes itself. I can already
see the bosses. Yep, the other contest winners.

You've got "Augustus Glop", Willy's German connection. He's
a huge kid who's main attack is his teeth. If you get too close
to him, he'll actually try to eat you. Of course, he is pretty easy
to kill. You just push him into one of the toxic waste rivers...

Then you've got "Violet" Willy's Montana/Canada connection
(you didn't know about the huge drug trade in Montana?
You've obviously never been to Montana...the locals call it
"Big High" country). She has two main attacks. Her most
common attack is to blow a huge bubble (you're not sure if
she's using gum or snot), and then throw it at you. If she can't
get you with that attack, she blows up into a huge blueberry
and rolls herself at you. Now the only way to beat Violet is to
find the "Juicer" powerup and to attack her when she starts her blueberry attack...

Next is "Veruca Salt" (no, not the band). She handles Great
Britain and the rest of Europe. Her attack consists mainly
of being a brat. She'll run up and grab power-ups right before
you grab them, and if you follow her around she'll show you
where all the secret rooms are (but of course she'll grab all the
cool shit). Also, she has the most annoying habit of just
breaking into song. She'll also force you into corners and
make you say that she is the most beautiful girl in the world
(and you can't move until you say it). Anyway, after a few
minutes of being around her, you won't need an excuse to kill

The last mini boss, is "Mike Teevee". He handles Willy's
Arizona/Mexico drug traffic. He is almost as annoying as
Veruca, however he also has the ability to shrink down to
very small sizes. His main method of attack is two
six-shooters he always has with him. However, since
he lives in the world of television, he can pretty much attack
you with whatever weapon he's seen on TV. Needless to
say he is a very tough guy to beat.

Finally, the last boss is of course Willy. Now, to make the game
interesting there are multiple ways to beat Willy. If you decide
you want to, you can become his friend and take over the drug factory (of course this means you're evil, and you're going to
hell, but heck it's just a game :). All of Willy's attacks are based
on mind control. Willy did so many mind altering drugs back in
the 60's (I know he's only 23 years old, but it is funnier this
way), that he can actually control other people's minds. For
example, you might be floating down the toxic river when all
of a sudden you start having all sorts of weird flashbacks
and psychedelic colors start flashing on the walls (very
disorienting). Or, you might meet Willy in the hallway and
he'll say something to you like "We are the music makers,
and we are the dreamers of the dreams." Which, doesn't
seem like much of an attack, but as you try to contemplate
what the fuck he's talking about, he's liable to slip an
"everlasting job-stopper" into your medkit.

Okay, that went a little longer than I expected...

This ought to hold off the Plan File Nazis for a couple more

Oh, I almost forgot, what have I done for Riot lately:

On-foot mode weapons, bullet-holes, cool explosions,
simple damage physics, these are a few of my favorite


Well, It looks like I'll be spending the pre-season (the next
couple of weeks) working-out with the Riot team. My agent
told me it would help speed up the contract negotiations with
B2 if I keep my skills sharp...As usual, talks stalled on the
"Name Stipulation" section of my contract which demands
that all B2 team members refer to me as: "Zeus", "The Lord,
our Savior", "One Bad Motherfucker", or "Bob." (What is it
about Artists that makes them refuse to call you "Bob"????)


So, I'm working on the Player Modes for Riot (switching
between different Mechas and the on-foot mode). Also
added a cool Spectator Mode (thanks for the help Mike D!).

Also, as always there has been additional work on Claw
(aka, the project that wouldn't die). We just finished up the
Portuguese and Spanish versions (can you say "localization
is your friend"...I thought you could).

Oh, and I think I'm supposed to be doing something with a
Happ board and a Matrix (MAAATRrricks) for NANI...(Can you
say the project that REALLY wouldn't die...)




Of course all you Blood fans out there probably know the
origin of my handle, if not go rent Army of Darkness...My real
name is Kevin S. (just one of the 3 Kevins here at Lith). I've
also been known to go by the name of Menuboy...

What you probably want to know is: "What can I do for you?"
Well...probably nothing. I'm 1/2 of the Blood 2 (B2) engineering
team, so I'll be helping to implement all the cool stuff that the
B2 team can think up...So, if you send me lots of $$$ I can put
in personalized cheats codes for, not really, but you
can still send me lots of $$$ ; )

So far I've just been coming up to speed on the technology
were using for B2 (i.e., DirectEngine). Of course you all know
how cool DirectEngine is (if not see and I've been very impressed with how easy it
has been for us to come up with a great prototype in a very
short amount of time...developing with DirectEngine
"promises to be fun."

Probably the one thing that excites me most about B2 (other
than the fact that I'm working on it :), is the depth and detail of
the B2 specification. It is VERY important from an engineering
point of view that we know as early in the development cycle
as possible what we need to do. Jay has done an outstanding
job creating a spec. that details many of the issues that are
often left till the end of the project (and are then often left out).

Well, now that I've got my head firmly planted up Jay's ass, I
might as well spread the ass-kissing around a little...

I've also been very impressed with the rest of the B2 team.
I worked with VanderShanks and Greg on Claw, so I knew
those guys were awesome, but I had no idea what to expect
from the rest of the B2 team. What can I say!?! I've really been impressed with Eric, Ernie, and of course Kevers. All I can say
is the Art for B2 will not disappoint.

Okay, you've suffered enough of my ramblings for one sitting.
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