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Yesterday I walked into the conference room on my way over to see Ben about some so-called “texture requests” he had given me the day before. Spen and Mike D. were sitting at the table enjoying a little lunch. I walked over to Spen who had his back turned to me and said in a nice, friendly voice, “Hey guys, what’s up?” Spen turned around, scowling, and said with a mouthful of chewed burger, “Shut the hell up Kilstrom”. I instantly unleashed a devastating clothesline across the front of his neck taking him and his chair down to the ground. As his head hit the floor, teriyaki burger went spraying from his mouth into the air. I stood up and tagged Mike’s hand then proceeded to put Spen in a sleeper hold. Mike began stomping Spen’s knees and calves in an unrelenting fury of pent-up anger. Just then, Monolith’s equivalent to the Hart Foundation came running into the conference room. Kohler, followed by Matt Allen, pummeled Mike with a constant stream of forearm smashes in an attempt to save Spen’s career. The third member of their group, Charles Wes Saulsberry III, came in behind them and started yelling through his megaphone into my ears about how I was a “paper champion” and that if I was a real man I would give his boys a title shot.
I threw Spen’s limp body to the ground and took off towards “The Mouth” when I was suddenly stopped in my tracks by “Big Sexy” Bill V. and his “Shock Stick”. I don’t remember too much of anything else, just bits and pieces here and there. I seem to recall Garrett running in and clearing house with a tire iron and while I was wiggling on the floor from the electricity pulsing through me I could just make out a few words from the 6’ 6” giant J.H. It was something like, “You’re all parasites and leeches!” and “I don’t need to prove anything to you! I am the greatest wrestler who ever lived!”
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