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Just a quick update to give a major THANK YOU to everyone who responded to my recent query about delays in the game industry. I will be answering each response directly but not until I've had a chance to tabulate your awesome feedback and finish writing the article (by tonight!). So hang tight!

JAR 1/25/99

I'm writing an article on game delays for Games Business magazine (a trade publication for the game goes to game company professionals, retail buyers, store managers, etc.).

Those of you who read my .plan could do me a huge favor by e-mailing me with your response to the following question:

If a game you are waiting for is delayed are you...

a.) less likely to buy it
b.) more likely to buy it
c.) just as likely to buy it

...than you would have been if it hadn't been delayed?

You can also feel free to wax eloquent on your particular reaction to delays in the release of games you are looking forward to. I will be tabulating the data from the question above but if anyone turns in anything interesting for the second part there is a chance you will be quoted in the article. E-mail me at

Oh BTW, the article is due on Wednesday so if you can get me these ASAP it would be greatly appreciated (yes I will be pulling an all nighter tomorrow night).

Thanks in advance for your help on this!

Joel "Afterimage" Reiff
Marketing Manager
Monolith Productions, Inc. 1/21/99

Ok. So I just finished reading through all the responses to the recent PlanetShogo (http:\ query about the lack of multiplayer servers for Shogo. My first comment is to thank everyone who wrote in for taking the time to make your voice heard on a subject that you obviously care about. We are paying attention and we do value your input.

Although I can't respond to every comment and concern in my plan file I can promise that I will be working with others here at Monolith to address these issues in terms of finding solutions were applicable and making every effort to ensure Shogo's continued viability as, IMHO, one of the best multiplayer titles for FPS fans.

One exciting piece of news related to this issue...a new dedicated server was put up last night called "Play against the Monolith Developers!!!" and you should be seeing some of us folks on there as time permits. (Thanks Chris Hewett)

What are you waiting for...go play!

Joel "Afterimage" Reiff
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