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Name: Todd Hollenshead
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Attention all Keen fans! New Keen news!


id's Original Hero Blazes A New Adventure

Santa Monica, CA - March 01, 2000 - id Software and Activision, Inc.
(Nasdaq: ATVI) are teaming up this spring to release Commander Keen,
an action-packed, comedic quest to save the cosmos for the Game Boy
ColorÒ. Commander Keen is rated "E," for "Everyone," by the ESRB.

Commander Keen marks a return to id Software's roots -- developing
over-the-top, comic book-style adventure games for kids. Based on id's
original Commander Keen series on the PC, Commander Keen finds
precocious 8-year-old superhero Billy Blaze on an all-new quest to
save the world from his alien adversaries, the Droidiccus, Shikadia
and Bloogs of Fribbulus Xax.

"Commander Keen shows a kinder, gentler side of id Software," Todd
Hollenshead, CEO, id Software said. "Like the original Commander
Keen adventures, this is a game that appeals to the spunky 8-year-old
hero in all of us - putting the 'id' back in 'kid.'"

But no one said saving the world before bedtime would be easy. A side
scrolling platform game, Commander Keen challenges players to save the
world by finding super-powerful plasma crystals hidden on three separate
alien worlds. Each world contains several multi-level maps rife with
progressively precarious puzzles. Throughout the adventure, Keen will
encounter more than 35 different aliens as well as puzzles, slime pits,
magical platforms, secret rooms and teleporters.

"An undisputed classic, the original Commander Keen games combined excellent
level design and platform action for an unforgettable gameplay experience,"
said Larry Goldberg, executive vice president, Activision Worldwide Studios.
"Our goal with Commander Keen for the Game Boy Color is to bring this incredibly
satisfying and addictive experience to a whole new generation of console gamers."

Commander Keen for the Game Boy Color is being developed by David A. Palmer
Productions for Activision and id Software.

©2001 id Software, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

On another note, March 1 has always been one of my favorite days of the
year. No birthday or anything like that, it's just that March in Dallas
is basically when spring begins, equinox notwithstanding. Really, no
matter how you slice it, winter in North Texas sucks. There are no winter
sports or activities that people can actually play outside (snowskiing, etc.)
to justify it and the weather is pretty much horrible. We might still have
a light freeze or two left, but, historically, winter in North Texas ends in
February. As fate would have it, today we usher in March in Dallas with
drizzle, rain, and a high in the low 40's.


Here's something Q3 fans should definitely check out:

MC Hawking is a Quake master!

*Important Update*

It appears we may have torched their FTP server with the direct link above,
so if that doesn't work check out and
download "Quakemaster". Be warned: the lyrics are a bit explicit.


In the words of someone who shall remain anonymous:

"id software is 10 YEARS OLD TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!
Happy Birthday to id and special thanks to our patron saint Lothar!!!!


[the rest edited to protect the young and the innocent]

So, um, Happy Birthday to id and many more! =)


Linux beta is up and we have a Team Arena/1.27g FAQ up on

Happy Holidays everyone!


If you're a professional or amateur game development team, you should
take a look at this. It's a reference document for our technology
licensing program and contains a ton of information.
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