Todd Hollenshead
id Software | CEO | Jan 8, 2001, 14:23:30 (ET) |

Name: Todd Hollenshead
Description: CEO

We're testing a new beta server-side executable that stops the "Guard" exploit.
If you want to help us try it out, come and join on one of the following:






We'll probably jump on the Terrain server here in a little bit to maybe play a little
id vs. everyone CTF and monitor the stability of the executable.

You don't have to download anything new since it's server only. Just join and play.

If you have any feedback specific to the server patch, please email it to
and put "New Executable Feedback" in the subject line. Please DO NOT email id employees
directly as your feedback will just get lost.


Attention bargain shoppers! Team Arena is on sale at Best Buy and CompUSA for
$17.99 in several areas of the US. You should double check with your local
retailer to make sure the offer is valid in your area. Pretty good way to spend
the $20 that Grandpa gave you in the envelope for Christmas, IMO.


Linux beta is up and we have a Team Arena/1.27g FAQ up on

Happy Holidays everyone!


To pile on the Keen renaissance (with a nod to 3DR, Blues, etc.): look for upcoming
*new* Keen news in the not too distant future. That's all I will say for now.

Also, TA should be on shelves today! W00t! We're going to be running a bunch of
servers at id and I already put up a Terrain server last night. Have fun.


Alice = Good!

Congrats to Rogue and EA.


Team Arena is G-O-L-D!

We expect that it may begin showing up at shops like EB and Babbages as early as
Friday the 15th. It may take a bit longer for stores like Best Buy, CompUSA, etc. to
get it in. You should check with your local retailer to see if/when they will be
getting their supply in.

For customers outside of North America, we're going to do our best to get copies out
to you before Christmas, but I don't have any sort of solid dates at this point. I'll
let everyone know as soon as I get this information.

If you haven't checked out the Demo or .avi yet, they're definitely worth the download.

We're still working on Mac and Linux, but Demos for those (as well as binaries) should
be available "soon".


Big news once again:

Just in time for the weekend, we are releasing a new Quake III: Team Arena movie.
At just over 2 minutes, this movie packs in a ton of never before seen features
from Team Arena. If you've played the demo, this is a different clip than what
plays in the main menu, so you'll definitely want to check this out, too. is once again going to be handling the initial bandwidth for the download.
The download weighs in at around 20MB, so for those of you who were afraid the demo
download would melt your modem, this makes it easy for you to check out some of the
incredible new stuff that is in Team Arena.

Even if you have played the demo 18 hours a day, for the last 9 days, only taking
breaks for bathing, food, and familial Thanksgiving responsibilities, you should
still check this out as it contains scenes from our new large scale, terrain based
maps. That's right, included in Team Arena are a number of never-seen-anywhere-
before-now huge maps. These maps include castles, watchtowers, rivers, bunkers,
forts, mountains and just about anything else you could want in battlegrounds of
this magnitude.

Enough said - go download the movie. Believe me, it's cool. should have it up on their site around 6:30PM West Coast (9:30PM East Coast),
and we'll put it up on shortly after that.


Also, the latest word on Mac and Linux demos is that they are "close".

11/22/2000 @ 9:45pm CST

Grab it. Enjoy.

We're putting our game servers up now. You should have no trouble finding them
with the k3wl new browser.


Big news: An early Christmas present from id. The Team Arena Demo is going
up tonight! We don't have an exact time yet, but I'm expecting it to be
uploaded and go live in the next 3 hours or so (12 AM on the East Coast/
9 PM on West). is providing the initial bandwidth for us, so I'm guessing
their servers are going to have a hangover tomorrow ;-) We'll have all
the specific information available about exactly where to download over the
next couple of hours.

This is the Windows version. We *expect* to release the Mac and Linux versions
next week.

I have a few notes to share with everyone at this time. First, the Demo
is stand alone. You don't need Quake III installed to try it out. The file
size is around 120 meg (big, yes, but keep reading). We are including one
level that plays all of the new game types (Harvester, Overload, One-Flag)
and CTF. We are also including 2 models and 2 model heads. The map contains
3 of the 4 new powerups, one of the new weapons and one new holdable item.
All of this is explained within the Demo, of course.

Also contained are all of the brand new UI items. On this, you'll just have
to trust me that it's cool because I'd have to write a book to tell you about
everything included. Mod authors will love what they're going to be able to
do with it (I think Duffy is going to make an update about that over the weekend
or early next week). You should definitely play around with this stuff and check
out everything we've added. Menus, orders, team commands, setup options, etc.
are all worth checking out because you'll want to save these in new config files
for TA.

We realize 120 meg is a large download, so for those of you who have limited
bandwidth, we are going to release an avi file at a later date (also through
IGN) containing some of the new maps and features from Team Arena so that you
can still check out what it will look like without overloading your modems.
We'll have more details on this next week.

If you have problems, please check the readme first for answers. If you don't
see the solution there, you can email feedback on bugs to
Please don't email employees directly.

In the meantime enjoy the holiday weekend (if you're in the US) and have fun
with Team Arena. I hope to see lots of people on our servers over the weekend.


An excellent article (thanks proving sCary *is* good
for something). I'm going to get the scientific review and read it myself.
As soon as I saw that silly "1,000 studies" claim I knew it would only be
a matter of time before someone debunked it.


If you're a professional or amateur game development team, you should
take a look at this. It's a reference document for our technology
licensing program and contains a ton of information.
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