Todd Hollenshead
id Software | CEO | Oct 20, 2000, 18:02:53 (ET) |

Name: Todd Hollenshead
Description: CEO

If you're a professional or amateur game development team, you should
take a look at this. It's a reference document for our technology
licensing program and contains a ton of information.

1.25 info: We won't be able to finalize the 1.25 release this week, but
we'll try and see if we can get it wrapped up next week. There are few
remaining issues to fix and test.


A new beta release is forthcoming. We intend to release 1.25y within
the next couple of hours. There are a few things that should be
mentioned in advance so that users can decide whether to download the
release or not. You should only download and install this release if
you are interested in providing feedback to id.

Please send all feedback and bug reports to

The major change for this release is the physics code, which should
make the game feel like 1.17. We're looking for feedback from players
specifically on this issue. There are a number of other fixes, which
are detailed in the readme.

Mods based on 1.17 are not compatible with this release. If you play
lots of mods, you may not want to download this release. Mod authors
will need to update their mods once we upload the game code for the
final release before mods are playable with the new executable.

Players should also be aware that we plan on releasing another update
sometime next week once we've confirmed that the new physics changes
are in place and working. Therefore, players may prefer to wait until
the final release before downloading.

The release should start showing up on the usual mirrors and at once it's out.
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