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id Software | CEO | Nov 4, 2004, 18:31:43 (ET) |

Name: Todd Hollenshead
Description: CEO

We've recently received word that DOOM 3 has already sold over 1 million copies at retail! A huge "Thank You!" to all of the fans out there who have purchased a copy of the game.

We continue to work hard on completing the Xbox version of the game with Vicarious Visions and the PC Mission Pack with Nerve. Those are both looking outstanding.


Tattoo update (see the 10-18 update below if you missed the original post for rules, etc.):

First off, I have to say I'm really impressed with the response so far. Over 40 people have sent me their
tattoo pics, including 9 women (!!). Unfortunately, one of the girly pics was sent by someone else who
just happened to have the pic and doesn't know the girl, so that really doesn't qualify, but it's still
a great Q3 logo tattoo and picture. We're definitely going to do something cool with the pics once we
compile them all. The tats run the gamut of mild to totally wild.

Ironically enough, the 3 tattoos I specifically mentioned before haven't been sent in, so I know there are
a bunch more out there. If you haven't sent your pic in yet, what are you waiting for? ;-) And if you
know someone who has a tattoo that you think qualifies, tell them to send me the picture (just ask for the "Making of" book as commission if they win. Nice book, btw. We just got our copies in this week and if you're a DOOM 3 fan, it really is a cool book.)

I'm also going to try and post all of the pictures sent in on our website. So if you send one in, please
let me know if it's okay to go ahead and post it at the site for everyone to see. It's okay if you don't
want the pic posted for the sake of privacy (or any other reason) and you're still eligible to win. I
wish I would have thought about that when I posted this originally, since now I have to ask everyone who
sent a photo in if it's cool with them if I put the pic up on the website :( Of course, some of them will
have to be censored. But luckily for me it's been only the women who get ink in naughty places >:)

Thanks to everyone who's sent something in so far. They've all been cool, no matter how small or simple.
And you folks with the crezzy ink, all I can say is "WOW!"

BTW, anyone know who this girl is?

Funny site. Check out this girl's video.


First off, for DOOM 3 bargain shoppers, several retailers are running special ad prices this week at $39.99,
including Best Buy and CompUSA. Check your local circular ads.

Secondly, the subject of id-related tattoos came up during some water cooler talk last week. I've seen some
pretty amazing ink on some folks: a guy has the Quake II invulnerability powerup tattooed across his back (shoulder to shoulder); the "stuck car mudwrestle girl" with the Quake 3 logo at the bottom of her back; a girl with interlocking Q-Q2-Q3A logos on the back of her neck; a guy with an ankle-to-knee Quake II logo, and there are several others. I know there must be a ton out there that no one here even knows about, but we think they're pretty cool, and might even be worth having a contest to get people to send us pics of their tats.

So, here's the deal: email me a genuine id-related tattoo photo of you or someone you know who has one. It's probably best to take a couple different pics if you can. Whoever has the best legitimate tattoo, judged in my sole discretion (with maybe some help from the team) will get one free copy of DOOM 3 + strategy guide + new "Making Of DOOM 3" book and I'll sign the game box for you. Now, I'm not trying to encourage people to go out and get a tattoo - this is supposed to be for those who already have one. If we get enough cool entries, the idea is that we'll compile and frame all the photos and put them in a big frame to hang on the wall here at id. That's a pretty good consolation prize if you don't get the game/guide/book.

This isn't an "official" contest, so I'm not going to post lengthy lawyerly rules. But, it needs to be your own tattoo. You can't take a pic of someone else and get the stuff that way. Photoshops don't count. Temporary tattoos don't count. The definition of "id-related" is in my sole discretion, but logos and art from the games work. You need to email the photo to me at with TATTOO as the subject. If you have the best tat, I'll contact you later for details using the email address you sent the photo from. Please don't send files that are so big that they will choke my email client (i.e. be reasonable).

This should be fun. When it's all done, if we get a good response and put all the pics together and frame them, I'll post a photo up on the front page of our website or something so eveyone who sends a photo can see what the final deal looks like hanging on the wall here.
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