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so now i'm getting these automated messages everyday from the web department telling me to update my plan file or else. so here goes....

i just finished the interface for the game, ie. in game status bar, main menu, inventory icons, etc. it was tedious as hell, but i am finally finished. so now i go back on to texturing monsters and guns.

several people on the forum have expressed dismay over caleb's clothes (specifically his coat) being brown instead of black. don't worry, the colors aren't set yet, i have been considering tweaking his colors for awhile, i just haven't had the time yet. we'll probably wait until the end of development to go back and mess with that sort of stuff. we might even use our new mesh deformation to give his coat very natural movement. it all just comes down to how much time we have. anyway...don't fret, nothing's final till we ship.

on a non-blood2 note, i just got the an album from Limp Bizkit. it is very cool...if you like Korn or the Deftones i would highly recommend headin' over to a music store where you can listen to the albums and give it a go. i also just got a new Armalite AR-15 .223. it is a sweet piece and would highly recommend them to any gunheads out there.

ummm...can't think of anything else to add...later ya'll.



at this point it seems like a shame to break my impressive record of no plan files. however, everybody is giving me shit (even little karen burger), so i figured i'd bust out a little info for everybody. concept art for blood is officially done! every creature, vehicle, power-up, and character is designed. so that's i get to model tweak and texture a bunch of them (along with kevin). all of the chosen are completely modeled and textured, and they all look pretty rad if i do say so myself. the engine is starting to run fast and can only get better as the engineers do more optimizations. scott schlegel's hair is now orange. i'm working on a bunch of art for a big article in an upcoming magazine...hopefully we'll have the cover and a whole bunch of stuff on the inside. when i get more info i let everbody know what mag it will be and when it will be out. there is going to be some sweet renderings of in game objects and characters (that is, if the layout guy at the mag puts them into the article).
based on the what you folks had to say on the blood forum about the picture of ophelia, i tweaked her design a bit. no i didn't give her 38DD's or long hair. i did however change her clothes some so they would be more recognizable. no more space suit (actually, a motorcycle racing suit) she has a leather racing jacket, chaps, and boots. i think she looks pretty good...and i'll be interested to hear what you all think when we can release a picture of her.
on a personal note, two days ago a got the DSarms FN FAL .308 rifle i had ordered a few month ago. i took it to the range and shot it...that baby was smooth as warm butter. from the factory it was dropping rounds right into the is a hell of alot more accurate than i am in any case.




it's been awhile since i did my last all those people who read my file (i've got to imagine there are at least two of you out there), i'm sorry...really. anyway, here's the scoop...i've been working designing a bunch of different things for the game (obviously), every thing from the level one characters and boss(who is going to be very cool if i do say so myself) to the majority of the firearms the player will be able to use. as i siad in my first plan, i would like to be able to show all of this stuff off to you gaming nuts to see what ya'll think. i was originally gonna do my own page, but now the pros have stepped in and offered to do a full fledged BLOOD II page. we are shooting for that page to be up in about two months. that should give us the time to develop other aspects of the page (back story, technical briefs, etc.) and give me enough time to stock up on the concept art. i'm hoping to update my little concept section of the page every two weeks of so. how does that sound?

later, eric


thanks to everybody who responded to my question! it warmed the fuzzy little cockles of my heart to hear there are that many people out there who give a rat's ass about the work i'm doing. me and jay wilson are talking about what we want to do about the web site right now...we might just go ahead and start an official blood2 site sooner than we originally thought and include a concept section that i could add stuff to on regular basis. we'll see, if we do a REAL site then we get to have the monolith web doodz design the page, and i garauntee that it would be much cooler than anything yours truly would pull off. i'll keep ya'll posted.

so i've been thinking about breasts lately. i know your first thought is...eric, why have you been thinking about breasts, and more importantly, why are you telling me about it? well, i answer, the last few weeks i have been designing some of the characters in blood2, and several of them are, obviously, female. i've been looking around at the females in other games and comics and what do you think i found? every single one of them looks like some silicon injected, lypo sunctioned, fake baked, frankentitty bimbo! what, might i ask, is the deal? why are all of these characters cookie cutter dipshits? really, is there something i am missing. i know both the gaming and comic industries are mostly aimed at young males, but don't those young males find it a little boring and insulting that the creators of these various products think they can toss a gravity defying rack on the body of a 13 year old girl and you'll run right out and buy it?!? i for one would rather see women in games that have real CHARACTER, not just the same barbi face, body and boobs with different color hair and skin tight outfit. i would love to see a story (comic, game,movie...whatever) with a female lead that truly kicked ass. now Zena's gettin' close, and sharon stone in The Quick an the Dead had potential (although she screwed it up), but as of yet i haven't seen one lean, mean, crazy in the head action oriented ass kicker character that also happens to have breasts. i wanna see a chick who really knows how to use the guns she totes around, doesn't do her martial arts moves in stilleto heels, and snickers with glee as she blows your friggin' head off. if anybody else wants to see this in a game, drop me line, or just wait for blood2...he he he

ps. don't worry all you caleb fans, you'll still get to play your favorite trenchcoat wearin' shotgun freak...


right now i am working about 3/4's of the time on blood two and the rest i get to "consult" on stuff that i did for riot...mostly weapons. ahhh weapons. for blood 2 i am doing the concept design for the main characters and weapons...ahhh weapons. now frankly i am dubious wether or not anyone outside of the company is actually going to read this, but if someone does happen to give a shit (or just accidentally clicks on my name) i was hoping i could ask all of you out there in the gaming world a question...would you all be interested in seeing some the concept art for Blood 2? i was considering whipping together some assy little web page where i would ocassionally post whatever art the powers that be would let know, guns, characters, ponies, porno...whatever i had laying around. whataya think?

if you would like to tell me what you think about my crazy little idea you can email me at: i'd be overcome with sweat to get some responses.

be well, eric
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