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Well.. the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter and much,much,much closer.. I thought at this point I'd of just plumb ran outta puzzle ideaz.. but I think I'm just getting started..

Me and Kevin started play balancing all the single player levelz, and after a lot of bickering back and forth and a lot of rebuilding.. it's really starting to come together.

I think me and Kevin are starting to get a process down to balancing the levelz and getting stuff done.. except for the incidence.......

[The Incidence]
He kept telling me to make it easier.. make it easier.. Then.. last week.. he took out all the exits to all the levels.. stripped naked.. locked himself in his office.. and all you could hear is this weird ritualistic grunting coming from underneath the door.

Well.. after about 2 days we got the door open and he'd turned his office into an impossible timed puzzle that no one dared to try.. and he was just sitting over in the corner laughing.. it wouldn't have seemed so weird if he hadn't of shaved his body and painted himself orange. We'll luckily I thought to scream out a cheat code.. and sure enough he came out of his trance.. and kept asking what he was doing naked and painted orange..

Well.. needless to say things are back on track again..
and things are shaping up nicely.. So.. back to work.. and I hope you brought your compass.. cause this is gonna be an adventure..
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