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12.25.02 ===========================

Ah year end .plan time -
So what's happened on 02 ? Well let's see. A WHOLE FREAKING LOT!
Got uvox in the wild
Got moved to Virginia
Got some friends hired
Seen some guys leave
Hung with Tom plenty
Made some good new friends
Been to some conventions
Learned to hate the celera
Got 5 yrs in the 'club'
I will never forget the broken ribs on Hollister hill or my kidney
stones at Toms house.
I will never forget 'how that for badonkadonk'?
I am closer that I ever imagined I would be with some people after 02
I didn't tell anyone to piss off and looking back I don't have any regrets.

All in all 02 gets a 7 on my scale of years. Though I know I'm always
on borrowed time, and I am grateful for the good
and the seemingly bad -

And looking ahead
It promises to be a tough 03 -
Lots to reassess, some huge mistakes made are going to get
reckoned with.
Work is going to get a bit different this year. More responsibility - less pagers :)
Lots to do, and things to patent.
Places to go and people to go with.
Music to listen to, and records to mix.
Treadmills to run on and weights to lift .
Broken shit I am going to have to fix and fundamental changes
to said broken shit that it never, ever has to page anyone ever again.

So happy new year world.

Oh one last story -
2 guys are in the jungle and they see a lion. One guy starts to put on his
running shoes, and his friend says hey you cant out run a lion. The guy
turns to his friend and says, I only need to out run you.

10.02.02 ============================

Not sure whats worse -
Having a bad boss, or having a great boss thats
to freaken busy to get work done for you?

I should be excited because the streaming world
is about to get rocked with some new technology that
will make getting music/video over the Internet
much more viable. But it alot like giving birth, painfull.
shouts to Ari and Steve Wolf and even JJ and Mike and everyone
their help getting this 'In Production'.
At the end of the day we will all be much better off for it.

08.18.02 =============================
Ya its my birthday! and if ya know me ya saw the pix
I moved to Va and boy its hot.
But my badge now works in all the computer rooms.
I am not sure that is a good thing.
Nice having tom out here for my bday.
Soon as he gets wamp3 in the world and gets his significant
other with child I will have him for a neighbor.

04.22.02 ==============================

Phew - been a while since I have thought about writing anything in here -
Much happening. Stuff we have been working on for 18 months is getting ready to go production.
I still cant write a white paper to save my ass.
Bvlgari watches are the shiznit
Vegas / East coast - get my Primer status on and its only April
And SpamAssAssIn Owns


03.15.02 ==============================
omg Im Denny

03.05.02 ==============================


02.15.02 ==============================

In retrospect it's been a really weird 2002.
Broken ribs, everyone has a cold, Musicnet (Ugh), demanding
SHOUTcast DJ's, new streaming methods.
All this while keeping 2 OC48's nearly full every day,
and it's only February 15th.

I am looking forward to Conxis in March. Esp since I convinced
Tom to rent the battle star Cadillacdika. Look out! We are coming to town!

1.22.02 ===============================

Ugh - Broke 3 ribs at holister on Timojhens XR400
Rode the bike off the mountian though. How punk is that?

Good times - excuse me while I take more Perkidan.

12.16.01 ==============================

I can remember going to countless parties in my twenties. Driving
from one to the next, raves, and breakins and then onto the after
parties. And I can remember thinking, as I drove to those countless
parties, that if I just kept pressing the accelerator my
responsibilities, my duty to grow up would keep fading into a spec in
the cars rearview.

Then came the turning point. I can recall, vividly, driving home to S.F
on highway 24. I had just learned my fiance was pregnant. I had two
clear cut choices, and I knew what I was going to. I was going to marry
her, raise a family and grow up. As I drove home the feeling I had many
times before came over me. Just floor it! As I looked in the rearview
what I saw fading wasn't my responsibilities, what I saw slipping onto
the horizon behind me was my youth. My car flying head long into the
abdomen of adulthood.
I was powerless to change it.
Turning points are funny that way.
I guess thats why there called turning points.

12.09.01 ==============================

Got a wreath on the minivan, Nothing makes a guys feel like Christmas
like a bunch of tree branches jammed on the front of his vehicle.

12.06.01 ===============================

Toms S4 rocks - he and bonnie came to the burbs for a visit.
It's nice seeing adults once and a while.

Has anyone noticed MusicNets logo is a plastic deal that
you put in a 45 RPM record, to play on record player not meant
to support large holes?

We have a word for that sort of thing - kludge

11.21.01 ===============================
Lots of crap going on in operations land.
Adrian Cockcroft is coming in to give a talk about Sun performance tuning.
I have just handed out a bunch of Shoutcast ports to flaresound,
basedrive and smoothbeats.
Now it's time to chill.
I am going to have to ask people to start to roll back their 128k streams next year to 96k
so as to fit more listeners.
Lots of new hires in Ops and finally some time to do
analysis instead of the build/guess/build/fix cycle :

11.14.01 ===============================

11.06.01 ===============================
Second baby born. Wow.

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