Mig Gerard
Nullsoft | May 26, 2002, 19:18:04 (ET) | mig@landoleet.org
Login: mig Name: Mig Miggerson

============================= mig's plans =================================

Learn how to love again.

Make a big mess and watch how it is cleaned.

Start a fire daily.

Use up someone else's precious oxygen.

Teach the blind how to yodel.

Foment superfluousness.

Limit primal screams to off-peak hours.

Cut back on verbal mangling.

Find a new batcave.

Eat more god.

Bounce consistently.

Cherish the precious little moments of noise.

Stop to console the flowers.

Use more public urinals.

Become part of BOTH problem AND solution (to increase consultancy revenue)

Hypnotize others & implant subliminal messages.

Write about things that scare people.

Scare people that write about things.

Find a new tormentee.

Find a new tormentor.

Engage in vapid nepotism.

Unilaterally promote styrofoam.

Sink to further depths.

Engage periscope only when VITALLY necessary.

Get approval from the appropriate zoning commissions.

Handle emergencies with less aplomb.

Devastate one esoteric english word per week.

Break amends.

Lower my threshold for taunting.

Make the mouth happy.

Engage in fruitless debate over trivial topics, just for practice.

Begin hammering earlier in the morning.

"Hap" the hapless.

Foster redundancy.

Repeat myself.

Repeat others.

Clone wildly.

Increase raw meat intake.

Hamper progress.

Throw old IBM-XT spare parts at the Luddites.

Constern marketing.


Preinvent the wheel.


Think of more stupid things to put in a .plan file
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