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Raven | Artist | Mar 19, 2004, 18:18:38 (ET) |

Name: Kim Lathrop
Description: Artist
Project: Quake 4
July 7-- Geez! Been a long time since I've updated!

Anyway...DEMO'S OUT!!!


August 16-

Welllllll...this weekend I went to the company picnic to enjoy fun, recreational activities with my co-workers and their families, eat tasty catered food, and drink beer. Got to do all three. Then got locked in the observation tower of the park shelter by some moron park worker. Y'know, is it too much to ask to have the guy go to the top of the stairs and CHECK IF ANYONE IS STILL UP THERE? Or at least call up the stairs, "HELLO? IS ANYONE STILL UP THERE?" Gee, I guess that's just too much effort. Time to start drug-testing potential park employee applicants. On the bright side, all of my friends and co-workers who were still at the picnic stuck by and made sure that I had everything I needed until I was freed-- beer, smokes, love and compassion. Well, okay, beer and smokes. There were too many jokes being made and pictures being taken to qualify as 'love and compassion'. ;) Special thanks goes out to Denise, the lovely young police officer who saw to it that I was freed from my strange prison. She is truly one of Madison's Finest! :)


Brian Pelletier--Project Leader and Taskmaster of the Grand Design
"two settings-kill and disintigrate"
Les Dorscheid--Art Lead and Creative Visioneer
"win a dream date..."
Chris Foster--Lead Designer and YO-YO Master
James Monroe--Lead Programmer and Crazy Man
"That's crazy talk!"
Brian Shubat--Lead Animator and Master of Mountainous Ascension
"will there be beer?"
Ste Cork--Brit Programmer and Whovian Numanite
(to Rob)"Who's Tom Baker? Sacrilege!"
Rob Gee--Soft Animator and Hellboy Fanatic
"eek eek. Got an F."
Mike Gummelt--Programmer and Chessmaster
"The F.I.B. miss Bobby and Cindy..."
Kenn Hoekstra--Project Administrator and KISS Enthusiast
"Here's a buck and a quarter..."
Jeff Lampo--I don't know what the hell this guy does...
Mark Nelson--Texture Artist and Conceptual Imagineer
"You FYE-AARD!!!"
Tom Odell--Level Designer and Harley Man
"China is here, Mr. Burton..."
Oz--Level Designer and Ozric Guru
"Man-sometimes it helps if you just think she used to be a man..."
John Scott--Another Brit Programmer and Darkbeer Advocate
"Blag a Tab?"
Jake Simpson--Brit Programmer and Fellow Trekker
"Tuuuhhhd Buuuhhhgggluh"
Jeremy Statz--Level Designer and Godzilla Nut
Josh Weier--Programmer and Lord of Illusionistic Effects
"I'm not an intern."
Todd Rueping--Texture Art Intern and future Cel Animation Specialist
"Oh, yeah. I guess that's me."

Oh, yeah--now I remember what Lampo does. He's doing 3-D models for us. Sorry, Jeff-*snicker*.

Kim Lathrop
Artist- Raven Software

"If you want to fight the Dark Lord, boy, you better learn to live with pain."

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