Jarod Showers
Raven | Animator | Mar 19, 2004, 18:18:36 (ET) | jshowers@ravensoft.com

Name: Jarod Showers
Email: jshowers@ravensoft.com
Description: Animator
Project: ?
August 24, 2000

Today, as I wait for our license server to go back online, I thought I would write a
little about my experiences with cheating in video games. Recently, I’ve been playing a
certain role-playing video game with some fellow co-workers over the past few lunch hours.
One particular partner of mine found out he was able to edit our characters and, to make
the game more interesting, he boosted up the gold for them. We decided to play this way
in secret as to not ruin the playing experience of the other non-cheaters; one of whom
included Brian Raffel. Our cover was blown when Brian and I both died and we each picked
up each other’s gold by accident. Brian originally had 6,000 gold collected but now had
my 90,000. A simple mistake, but now people knew what we had done. At the time, I didn’t
think anything was wrong with cheating in a game, but sad to say, Brian no longer played
with us and in his eyes, I am eternally condemned as a “game cheater”.

This made me wonder as to what I had really missed out on by playing this way. I was able
to purchase items that kept me alive longer. I still experienced fighting bosses and
exploring, just not dieing so much. For me, I hate dieing in games repeatedly. If I die
too much at the same point, the game no longer becomes fun. With virtually unlimited gold,
I didn’t have to worry about collecting lots of other worthless things to sell at the
local shop. This saved a lot of time. For me, if a game takes too many hours to win,
it no longer becomes fun; I think. I guess I had lost out on experiencing the “worrying”
part of the game. What was coming up? Would I have enough health? What if I don’t have
what I need? Had my ideas of what makes a game fun really changed so much since becoming
a developer? I’m curious as to how many other people cheat in video games and how much it
adds to, or subtracts from, the total game playing experience. Maybe I’ve just become more
impatient in my “more mature” years (23 is getting up there). I’m not saying that it’s
hard for me to have fun playing games anymore; just that if I am going to beat a single
game with a definite beginning and end, there is a certain time frame that it needs to be
done in and I mustn’t “worry” too much. These are things I tend to think on. Feel free
to e-mail me on this topic to help me finish out this train of thought. Maybe it's just
too early in the morning for me.

As to what I am working on currently; I am building some models for one of our yet-to-be-
announced games. We have just gotten some estimates as to the number of polygons we have
to play with, and I am very pleased. More later…
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