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Ohh.. I see..So Cliffy B is tired of things in shooters eh..well shoot I must take out all the crates, barrels and factories from my levels...SHOOT..I guess I will replace them with space ships that look like werehouses and factories...ohh ya and Levers as large as players ....

If anyone gets a chance they should go to this site
Read this article and respond to the author. To me it seems he is just intersted in flaming every gamer that is out there. Email him and ask him just what makes him an authority on all of you gamers... oh ya there is a follow up here.

Ohh ya.. Blood2 is starting to look great.. weapons effects are coming along very nicely.when you fire our weapons you KNOW you are going to hurt someone.

Whats with the stories about the making of a game? They make it sound like a team of scientists found a cure for cancer. Its just a game

Wow it does look like some people out there do know when enough is enough.

Maybe someone out there can help me translate this note i found on my desk. It reads:

"Please.... No
& get of my fireballs man."

It is scaring me...
Thank You

looks like Unreal has finally gone gold and should be in stores in a week. I hope its as fun as it sounds. It sure does look great.

Hope everyone at cgdc gets a chance to check out Riot and see how great it looks. Cause it sure deserves to get some attention for how awesome it plays and looks.

Blood2 is gonna be in great shape by the time that e3 comes around and should turn a few heads. The levels that Bill are sending down will blow people away. There will be no wacked out architecture built by alien races to be seen which is a breathe of fresh air. Not that i have anything against aliens, but I am craving a more realistic environment. I wonder if alien races are making video games about them goin to earth and killing the humans there?

Newest build of blood2 is looking great. Each new build adds something new and the Ai just keeps getting better. The most fun is just shooting the guys and watching what happens to them. A head could pop off are a leg could fly at you.
My levels are starting to take shape, but i havent added the details to them yet that set them over the top, but that will come eventually.
Anyone out there know of a good Race car sim that is a balance between Sim and arcade and has good multiplayer modes? Its hard to find a good one.

Does anyone else think its odd that Burger King has a "Picture Menu Available" sign in their drivethrough a bit scary?

I would really like to go outside because i hear that it is sunny and warm out there.

Bought Spec Ops today... great game.. except for the fact that you can not config you controls. hopefully they release a patch real quick before i decide to return it because the game is fun.

Our Ai has now reached a point where i will load a level just for no other reason than to watch a head or a leg fly off. cant wait till all of the characters have their ai. My third map is nearly finished, but i am spending more time than needed because of how fun the ai is to fight.. ohh well guess i will just give up sleepin or eating.

isnt it funny how some people out there take these .plan files so seriously>>??? I can think of about 3(d) of them in this Realm...............................................

working on map number 3 this week. Cant wait to start populating my maps with NPCs and enemies.. so i can script them to do whatever i wish.. It seems as though the Mariners might actually start winning some games.. and all it took was Randy Johnson throwing things at peoples heads. Whatever works i guess. Maybe Jay should take that approach if we ever start sucking as badly as the mariners bullpen. He could throw pop cans at us or something...OHH wait he allready does throw stuff at us....

I feel obligated to say something mean about Nathan today.. but i just cant think of anything.

Ohh before i go..
and Happy late birthday to Isolation

been working on my 2nd level of my episode... coming along nicely.. it will feel good to have 2 maps that are well on their way to being complete.
Watched the Mariners lose today but it was still fun to watch do to the front row seats...
Got schooled in Bloodbath once again tonight, but i am making progress and will rule soon enough.

Watched Nathan add that 10th brush to his map today...WAY TO Go Nathan......


Umm.. I worked on Blood2 maps and stuff.. no witty statements today

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