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Hi all,

We have released the Linux server beta to a mirror site near you! You should be able to download the file in the next day or so, if not sooner. Big thanks to Sierra and FOX for sticking with us and letting this happen. Before I write more on that though, I'd like to thank some fans and
moderators who helped track down hacks and bugs in the last couple of updates. A big hand to:

Juha Kujala
The Pred
Mark Gums

Back to the Linux server beta. We've been running it here since; as far as we can tell so far, it matches the stability and features of the Windows server. What does that mean? In the words of our QA lead:

"Known Issue: The server may experience occasional crashes when running Predator vs. Human or Human vs. Human "Survivor" or "Hunt" matches. We are currently working to resolve this issue.

If you encounter recurring stability or game play problems under any configuration other than the one described in the known issues section above, we encourage you to e-mail the "unnamed.txt" configuration file in your ServerData directory to avp2linuxbetabugs@lith.com along with a
complete description of the problem and a list of your system specs, including complete details of your server system's hardware, software and
network connection."

Also, we've noticed that a lot of users may not yet have the multiplayer map pack, which results in users getting kicked for not having the required additional map. You can get this from http://avp2.sierra.com/support.

Go forth oh penguins! Be fruitful and multiply!


The AVP2 Team."


Hi there, was pretty small as patches go, and we hope players weren't too frustrated with the download. We've updated our Linux beta server to as well and look forward to releasing a public beta of the Linux server soon.

Making AVP2 has been exciting for us - challenging, intense, and very fun - and supporting the product has been especially rewarding. FOX was very kind to give us a shot at the title, and even kinder to support the product after release; Rebellion made a dynamite game filled with terrific
gameplay and material for inspiration; LithTech's Talon engine was a pleasure to develop on; and Sierra and Vivendi Universal have been wonderful supporting the sales. Oh, and thanks to CGW for the Action Game of The Year nod - we hope AVP2 players feel the same way.

Best wishes,

The AVP2 Team"


You saw her in single player…
You dreamed of being her in multiplayer…

You piloted it in single player…
You hoped for it in multiplayer…

Queen versus Exosuit - because you want to be big.

Yes, it is true.

Winging your way from the kindness of FOX, Sierra, and Monolith, multiplayer update #2 is taking its last turn through Quality Assurance. We've been playing; Queen molting is fun, and Exosuits are a handful.

Of course, the update isn't only about Exosuit and Queen. We've improved low-bandwidth servers and polished the respawn code considerably along with making a bunch of other less splashy improvements.

Is that all? Not exactly.

We're also preparing to open our Linux servers to the public for play. These will be indicated by [LXBETA] after the server name. Assuming all goes well, we'll have the Linux servers available a few weeks later. The Linux server will be compatible with, so once you've got, feel free to stop by the beta servers and play. We've set up an email for Linux bugs: avp2linuxbetabugs@lith.com . If you see anything that doesn't match our standard servers, use the email to let us know.

Finally, we'd like to thank the community members who've jumped into the LithTech Talon tools including the tool update. The future of AVP2 is at your command.

Best wishes,

The AVP2 Team


Winter has fully set in and with the bad weather comes plenty of time to
play Aliens vs. Predator 2! We hope you all are continuing to have as good
a time as we are playing AvP2.

Work continues on our second Aliens Vs. Predator 2 update. We still can't
tell you what we have in-store for this update but what we can say is that you
will not be disappointed. If all goes well you will have some new toys to
play with soon, sort of like Christmas all over again!

In addition to the second update, we are hard at work preparing to release
an updated set of Tools for Aliens vs. Predator 2. Included with the tools
is the most complete set of documentation we have ever produced for a tools
set and from our LithTech friends, improved mesh importing. We hope the Mod
community will find the extensive FAQs helpful and thorough and that
LithTech's Talon tool system is treating you all well. If you haven't
started maps yet, there are also a number of walk-thru examples included to
make getting started a snap!

Check back here for more Aliens vs. Predator 2 updates...

Best wishes,

The AVP2 Team

Monolith would like to wish the fans of Aliens versus Predator 2 a Happy New Year. We hope you have enjoyed your holidays - and played a lot of AVP2.

For those of you wondering whether Aliens versus Predator 2 has been put out to pasture, the answer is a definite, "NO!" The rumor that Monolith is working on another multiplayer update is true. We can't tell you what's in it, but we can give a big thanks to FOX Interactive for letting us keep nurturing our little baby. (Okay, it was their baby first, but we still love it so.) We also can't give you an exact date for when it'll be out.

As for the New Year, we have only a few wishes to share:
... may FOX Interactive never lose its passion for Aliens and Predators. We love this universe.
... may the AVP2 MP community grow and thrive. We're already seeing maps coming from the LithTech Talon system tools, which gives us great hope for the future.
... may Sierra / Vivendi / Universal see long and steady sales for our little title. There's nothing like word of mouth to keep sequels alive.
... may MP Update #2 surprise and amuse us all.

Best wishes,

The AVP2 Team

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