Chris Jacobson
Contraband Entertainment | May 2, 2002, 18:39:30 (ET) |
Name: Chris Jacobson
Icewind Dale has shipped.
"Spikey" is Hexen 2 and should be shipping soon.
"Madonna" and "Wargames" may be revealed in the near future.
A new project will be given a codename soon.
"Nessie" has been retired. It had no final name.
"Tracker" has been retired. It had no final name either.

ADDENDUM - 5-2-02

I would like to follow up by mentioning that "Nessie" and "Tracker"
were not official projects, they were internal sideprojects that
were being persued in spare time. They have since been cancelled (or
at least put on indefinite hold) due to time constraints.

"Wargames" has been announced, and is "Uplink", a popular game by
a company called Introversion (
In Uplink, you play a hacker who has been hired as an agent for
a company, and have various missions to accomplish to get better
hardware and software and infamy.
The publisher has yet to be announced.

On another note, at least the .plan files are being updated; for
a while webdog couldn't seem to tell when we changed them.

- Chris Jacobson
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