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I was in my office one day working away as usual. I think I was writing out missions for Sanity. As I worked I heard a low dull hum, first I checked my speakers, they weren’t on, then I flicked the light switch a couple of times, the humming persisted. I decided to ignore it and go back to work. After that all I remember is a bright flash and hundreds of flashing colored lights, right before I fell unconscious I think I saw the face of our PR guy Paul Butterfield dimly, then all I saw was black. I think I also vaguely remember finding myself nude in a hotel bathtub, I noticed the soap had a picture of the golden gate bridge, (or maybe it was the bay bridge) stamped into it. Then I remember seeing Paul again, he was holding some kind of hypodermic needle, and then it was black again. I must have been asleep for a long time because I awoke at my desk 4 days later. I was wearing different clothes (clean ones though) and I found myself clean-shaven for once (and I don’t mean just my face), there was also a large bandage on my forehead and an empty package of airplane peanuts in my pocket. Since then I’ve had these weird dreams of hauling a heavy case up and down flights of stairs and repeatedly showing and explaining Sanity to eager onlookers. There were also glimpses of racing through rush hour traffic at break neck speeds. I figure it’s a result of work related stress, it will probably pass. A few days after I noticed it was extremely painful for me to walk and sit down. It passed, and strangely enough Paul has been uncharacteristically sympathetic of late, he’s even taken to giving me warm hugs when we see each other in the halls of Monolith. This is such a great working environment.

On a completely different note, make sure to check out the preview of Sanity on IGN.

As for the development of Sanity, everything is going along swimmingly. We are right on schedule or ahead of schedule with most of the content and features. The development of the psionic abilities is in full swing. We’ve pretty much tied up the rest of the mission and story progression for the single-player. This story is so weird and cool, we want our single-player adventure to be new and refreshing for gamers used to all the standard game plot themes. I’ve started plotting out some of the more advanced AI capabilities for special summoned creatures and end-level bosses. We’ve also been working on getting the levels populated with all kinds of nifty interactive things to do, clue elements, and puzzles. The in-game interface has finally gotten refined to a state where it is concise, simple, easy to use and visually cool to look at. I’m going to get the engineers to add in the stuff for “going insane” and for head explosion, hopefully in the next couple of weeks. We also have to start ramping up to an E3 demo that has as much cool stuff in it as possible. There’s lots of stuff to do before we’re done of course, but things are going well, the team’s psyched there’s no big road blocks, we are going for the gold….whooeee, I’m so excited, I think I need to do some jumping jacks....oh..yeah !!!...owch,that hurts!

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