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Jeremy "Loki" Blackman
Monolith | Jan 25 1999, 19:02:19 (ET) |

*** Monolith Production's Finger Server

User name: jeremy
Plan modified: Mon Jan 25 15:40:03 1999

Time for another .plan file update of sorts...

Most of my time of late has been going to the Blood 2
v2.0 patch... trying to fix AI quirks and generally
make things smoother for the patch release. This has,
unfortunately, meant a delay in the Linux porting efforts.
However, I do have the Linux port ALMOST finished on the
engine 25.5 build (I fell behind one internal build again),
and will hopefully be able to sit down with Mike next week
to merge the Linux stuff back in. As a side effect, this
would mean that there would be not only a Linux server for
Shogo (which will be moving to the same engine version for
v2.2) but also one for Blood 2... and it should really only
take a couple days after the patch stuff is done. I'm
going to really try to allocate a couple days to finish
that - since I know many people REALLY want it - before
moving on to the Blood 2 mission pack add-on AI.

Additionally, if I get the ok from PR/marketing, I'm going
to put up a mailing list for the Linux port, to answer
questions and give status reports on how it's going. :)

In other news, Jordan ('Civik'), one of the QA testers and
I were out at lunch today and witnessed a squadron of
F-16 fighters streak by overhead, heading in the direction
of Microsoft main campus. Several people in the area
commented that the Justice Department must be getting really
hot under the collar about Microsoft if they were trying
punitive air strikes. The fighters passed over twice,
in fact, so perhaps they did a second strafing run.
Hopefully, if they did air strikes on the Microsoft campus,
folks like Chris Hedberg (config_guy of Planetshogo, also
one of the Office QA folks at Microsoft) were off-campus
at the time. :)

Anyway, back to work on AI stuff... more later.

I'm ba-ack! Of course, this prompts the question of
'But...where have you BEEN, Loki?'

Sorry, I realize I fell behind on the mod community stuff,
but I'm also the Lithtech developer relations person.
Suffice it to say I've been here, but I've been REAL
busy. As you all know by now, Bloodshot has licensed
Lithtech (and they're not the only ones, but we can't
announce the others yet). So as licensees come up to
the Seattle area for training, as the developer relations
person, I end up spending a lot of time with them...

So for the next while, if I suddenly vanish from answering
my e-mail or appearing on the mod author mailing lists,
it PROBABLY means we have a licensee in town, and that I'm
not in my office because I'm working with them. :)

I will give fair warning, I will probably disappear again
this coming Friday for a while, because of another licensee.

In addition, there've been some really cool things being
worked on for Lithtech 1.5 (the transition between 1.x and
2.x). I think Brad has finished support for a whole bunch
of new audio stuff... I believe that Blood 2 v2.0 takes
advantage of it already. (And yes, that should be ready
very soon.) Also some really neat new animation and
modelling stuff, some of which is being used in another
internal Lithtech-based game.

The Linux server kind of got buried under other things, but
since it's mostly done to an older version of Lithtech, I
just have to eventually clear my schedule for a week, sit
down, and FINISH it. Hopefully I'll be able to do that
sometime soon. :)

Cool stuff ahead, hopefully I'll have more news for you
all soon! :) In the meantime, I'm trying to catch up on
all the mod author stuff that happened while Bloodshot
was up here. :)

First off, Happy Holidays, all. I don't care what holiday
you celebrate; go spend some time with your family and
loved ones.

Secondly, thanks to all those who sent in the requested
reports of lag on 2.1 - many people sent in very detailed
reports, and I have a great deal of new information to work
with. Once the holidays are over, I'm going to be
compiling a list of recurring symptoms and
hardware/software, and then we'll be looking at that, to
try to find the cause.

Thirdly, and what I know many people read my .plan files
for (so I'll try not to disappoint)... the current status
of the Linux port!

In a burst of coding inspiration last night, I got most of
the core ported over. I now have a very minimal Lithtech
server architecture; this is NOT Shogo, however.

* the Linux port is currently at Lithtech build 21.4, while
the 2.1 patch is a later version. So I need to update
the code to the newer version.

* the Shogo code itself has not been ported yet; I wrote a
simple test server and client for 21.4, and tested that

* 'ltd' (the Lithtech Daemon, the Linux server) currently
has NO user control method. It accepts SIGTERM to
shutdown, and that's all. I'll probably create a network
control method over a network socket, and then create
both a Windows MFC app to control the server, and a Linux
command-line system a'la ctlinnd.

So while it's not quite ready for prime-time yet, the Linux
port is chugging along smoothly. :)

Anyway, I'm going to go quiet for a while while I go to be
with relatives for the holidays, so let me just sign off
with a wish for a happy holiday season and a good new year
to everyone out there, as well as special holiday wishes
for all the Lithtech developers, my friends and
aquaintances out there in the game industry (Tim Sweeny,
Christian Antkow, Rick Lambright, John Cutter, Keith
Fuller, Ashley Matheson, the staff of Planetshogo,
etc...too many to name!), and to everyone on the Shogo mod
author mailing list.

Have a good, safe holiday season, everyone, and I'll see
you all in 1999! :)

Ok, I've been buried under Shogo mod community stuff, as
well as other work, but I thought I'd do a .plan update to
try to fill people in on various things.

First off, the Linux port is coming along, but I haven't
had as much time to work on it as I'd like of late.
*sigh* Still, it's not a matter of issues in porting, it's
just a matter of finding the time to work on it more, so it
is going relatively smoothly.

Secondly, people have been asking about enhanced joystick
support. We -are- committed to getting this in, but the
2.1 patch had to be done first to fix the 3Com/USR modem
problem. More on that below. The 2.2 patch updates will
focus on adding support for the Panther XL, SpaceOrb, and a
few other things. It will also incorporate support for EAX
and true 3D sound. And fix any bugs that people report.

Thirdly, I've started hearing reports of people who are
lagging on the 2.1 patch as well, in one case even on the
3Com/USR modems the fix was targeted at, but I haven't
determined any common ground, yet. If you have a problem
with the 2.1 patch, PLEASE report it DIRECTLY to me, with a
subject line of 'Shogo 2.1 Lag Problem'.

Please, only do this if you're experiencing really bad lag
on the 2.1 patch. The forums are NOT the best place to do
it because they fill up and we may miss posts (plus, the
developers are sometimes too focused on code to read the
forums, though we're trying to get back in the habit).

Messages should include a detailed description of the
problem, your system configuration, the version of Shogo
you're running, any mods you may be running, what
configuration Shogo is using (are you using REZ files, or
have you unpacked into directories? etc.) and any steps
someone can take to reproduce the problem. (If we can
replicate the problem, we stand a much better chance of
fixing it).

Also, if you HAD a problem and found a fix for it, report
THAT, too. You might think it was something obvious, but
what you find obvious, some other user may not... and if no
one has reported it, we may not even know that someone had
a problem and found a fix at all! :)

Hopefully, this will allow us to get help and fixes to
people much more easily.

Lastly, I've heard a few reports of people having crashes
under the 2.1 patch, but they've all been for the same
reason. I'd like to reiterate that Lithtech must use *all*
REZ files, or *all* directories. This means if you had
unpacked the earlier REZ files to do editing, and
downloaded the 2.1 patch, you must unpack SHOGOP3.REZ as
well... this should help!

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