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Just a side note for anyone trying to reach me in my
capacity here at 'lith - or indeed trying to reach me
at all over the next few days. Bryan Bouwman, Scott Pultz
and myself will all be out of the office at a developer's
conference, so Lithtech support and relations will be a
little slower and less responsive than usual the rest of
this week. We'll be back this weekend and should be caught
up on any stuff that comes in by Monday.

Anyway, it's off to sunny(?) San Francisco now, so catch
you all when we get back.

Whew! Lots of stuff been going on the past couple weeks.
Several new external Lithtech projects, keeping me busy
with support tasks. Plans to release source code to allow
people to load/save Lithtech file formats (.abc, .dtx, etc.)
as well as possibly some specification writeups. Lots
of people contacting wanting information on Lithtech 2
(talk to Jason! Talk to Jason! I just support the current
'release' version, and that's 1.5!)

Of course, I'm not the only one here who's been working
away. :)

Webd00d Spen's been working his m4d HTML sk1llz endlessly
without sleep or food - though at least his girlfriend has
camped in his office a few times - and finally you can all
see what he's been slaving away over. The new Monolith
website is online, check it out! A very different look and
feel than before. To go with that launch, there's various
screenshots and other cool stuff in the various game pages.
Go! Visit!

In other news, I finally took some time outside of work
to play a game that I didn't have to work on (*gasp!*).
I picked up the English version of 'Lunar Complete' for the
Playstation... hey, I was a fan of the old Sega CD game
(it was, in fact, the reason I BOUGHT a Sega CD), and played
the Saturn remake in Japanese. I must say, though, I was
a little disappointed in one or two ways... as a fan, and
one who speaks Japanese, I always find the strange dialogue
alterations that Working Designs does to RPGs to be...well,
irritating at best and downright horrifying at worst. (The
Rayearth game translation honestly scared me.)

The translation appears about the same as the old Sega CD
version, though, so it's certainly bearable. Just jarring
after playing through the game in Japanese last time. :)
Overall, I do still highly recommend the game, since the
original Lunar is one of my old favorites.

Whee! Post-E3. :)

I actually didn't go to E3; I was the Lithtech team member
who stayed behind to man the fort, as it were. But from
what I understand from my co-workers who did go, it went
great this year. Apparently people really liked the tech
demo of Lithtech 2. (Heh... and they thought those
screenshots Jason put up were doctored..)

Hopefully, we should have Internet versions of the trailers
for games that were shown at E3 ready in a while...don't
know about a Lithtech 2 technology demo trailer, but I
think it'd be fun to put that out.

External users of Lithtech have been doing some impressive
stuff. The folks at 3rdLaw seem to be doing a great job
with LT with the KISS game... and I had the enjoyment of
playing with a very early build of 'VOLT' (Virtual OnLine
Tournaments), which Tasman Studios is making.

VOLT really impressed me, I must say (I haven't had a chance
to play the 3rdLaw KISS game, so I can't judge it firsthand
and can't really compare). Though it's very early on yet,
it has a definite solid base there, and already seems to
be developing a bit like a cross between Tribes and Team
Fortress... an interesting (and enjoyable) multiplayer
combination. I had some fun playing with the 0.53 build
against some of our QA folks here and some of the Tasman
folks, and would happily be joining into a game to test
their new 0.54 build tonight if I weren't going to have to
be at my parents' house (family obligations; I turn 22
today, so I'm obligated to go and eat dinner with them).
Sorry, Moriarty. I'm sure Sticks'll frag you a few times,
though. ;)

I tossed up a brief page with some VOLT screenshots from
my own dinking around with 0.53 (with Tasman's permission):

Anyway, it sounds like there are a lot of cool games that
were demo'd at E3... I look forward to seeing many of them
in future months. Need some new stuff to play. :)

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