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Patch 2 is testing at Eidos.

Some of us are still active on forums
if you want to reach us about the game. I also set up a website at

to address the most common tech-support issues people have brought
up on the Anachronox forums. A lot of people have also expressed
interest in editing using our powerful cinematic scriptor and
scripting language -- we are preparing documentation for a subsequent
release that will be announced on the forums.

I'm one of the last people to clean up my cube. Right now I'm
backing up parts of our data tree and sourcesafe databases in case
Eidos needs us to fix something for the patch. Our network is being
dismantled in a few days, I hear.... all the reusable equipment is
going down to the Austin office.

It's reeeaal quiet up here.

Sort of sad to be finally packing up. All the cubes are empty.
Lots of memories and friends made up here. Not to mention the lines
and lines and lines of code :)

Well, that's enough melodrama.
Best of luck to all ex-Anox team on our job searches...
See you guys around.



Although Ion Storm Dallas is no longer, a few of us are using the last
couple days of rent left on our space to make one more patch for
Anachronox while the network and our data trees are still intact.
Details can be found at:

Thanks for everybody who has supported us during this long journey.



Patch 1 is released. Download and install please. Fixes many random
crash problems across all operating systems.

Graphical fixes in the patch not in the patch readme:

- Environment mapping supported on low-end cards with sorry drivers
(glTexGen calls replaced with internal software calculations).

- Polygon z-fighting problems on multi-pass models, on certain cards
(especially TNT/TNT2) fixed.

Also, there is a _dramatic_ speedup on map file loading times (can be
up to 1000% on some systems).

By the way, just so you guys know, all three core programmers on
Anachronox develop under Win2K .... so we have run the game thousands
of times without problems. I, personally, have only completely locked
up my win2k anachronox development box two times in the past several
months, and I suspect it was either due to overheating or when I
accidentally kicked the case really really hard with my left foot
when I tripped into my work area :P

I suspect it is an unfortunate, unlucky combination of hardware and
software that is causing these persistent win2k (and other os) crash
problems, even with the just-released patch.

We tried to do the best we could testing all the hardware out there.
I even forced one of our team members to suffer under an Evil Kyro
card!! -- just because I was trying to get as diversified an
environment as possible in the office. (I think he hasn't yet
forgiven me for the pain he had to endure while working on Anachronox
.... with all the problems on that card).

Unfortunately, we just don't have the testing "army" the size of
Microsoft, and with the pc hardware market in the state it is in
today.... it is impossible to test all 40 x 10^100 hardware /
software combinations.

At this point, the only suggestions I can make are (if you have
already installed the patch).....

- Make sure all your memory chips are good -- VERY IMPORTANT.
The best one I've used is at
- Quit all background applications (icq, norton, ALL antivirus).
- Turn off 3d sound by using setupanox.exe
- Do a full install to an _uncompressed_ drive.
- Experiment with using the anox_640gl or anox_1280gl or anox_window
batch files. Do NOT use the anox_v2v3 batch file.
- Experiment with flipping your desktop color depth between 16 and
32 bit.
- Make sure you have the latest drivers for your video card.
- Make sure your virtual memory settings are "let windows decide"
or "automatic" and you have a good amount of free disk space on
your operating system install drive.
- On Win2k, install service pack 2.
- On Win2k, don't use "compatibility mode" to run Anachronox.
- On Win9x, make sure you have installed all critical updates.
- Fiddle with your cdrom dma settings (if you are very brave).

These are of course, general suggestions that might apply to any
software incompatability problems. I hope this helps the few
remaining ones out there who are suffering from post-patch problems.



Well, well. First plan file update in several YEARS.

Anyways, we are done with the patch, but Eidos will not
complete testing until Monday. My apologies to those
of you who have bought Anachronox but are suffering from
instability issues. Please bear with us; we don't want
to release a buggy patch.

In the meantime, here are some things you might try, if
you are having problems getting past the initial logo

- If running win2k, install service pack 2. This is
available as an automatic download from Windows Update.

- If running win2k, disable EAX or any other 3D sound.
You can do this without running Anachronox by running
SETUPANOX.EXE from the Anachronox install dir.

- If using a voodoo2 or voodoo3 card, make sure that
wickedGL's opengl32.dll is copied to the Anachronox
install dir.

- Install the application under windows 95B or 98 if at
all possible.

Also, core team members regularly visit the official
Anachronox BBS at as well as the
forum on The demo will be
ready sometime after the patch is released.
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