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August 19, 2002
I'm still in shock as I write this and am pretty much at a loss for the appropriate
words. William Scarboro, whom I worked with at 3D Realms, died of a sever asthma
attack on August 9. His funeral was today at 1pm. Here's the obituary:

For those who didn't know William, he programmed the actors and weapons in Rise of the
Triad, and he coded the renderer that was going to be used for Prey. You can thank
William for the /EKG (Engine Killing Gibs) cheat in ROTT, as well as the over the top
weapon effects that most people remember from the game.

William found humor in extreme or excessive demonstrations of power. If he saw
anything that impressed him to some degree, it was "destructive", "sad", or "gone". You
sort of had to know his lingo to get what he was saying.

For William, math was the ultimate expression of power. He would call me up some nights to
describe to me some new mathematical concept he'd read about. In many ways, he helped me
better understand the math involved in 3D engines. Later, after he left the game industry,
he became a fan of component programming and COM. He would then call me up to talk about
the "destructive" power of templates or other programming topic.

William loved to laugh, and had a hard time stopping once you got him started. Tom Hall
was particularly effective at keeping William immobile on the ground in a fit of laughter.
Some of my favorites stories from working at 3D Realms involve our efforts to amuse William,
most revolve around inside jokes that you can only appreciate if you were there.

This picture pretty much sums up how I remember William:

Goodbye William. I'm going to miss you.

April 26, 2001

Just read on Slashdot that Sony plans to release a version of Linux for
the PS2 (http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=01/04/26/1340202&mode=thread).
This is great news! It's always disappointed me that current consoles
weren't programmable like some of the early systems were. I first started
programming on a Bally Arcade using the BASIC language cartridge that shipped
with the system and later moved to an Atari 800 (though it wasn't really priced
as a console).

Consoles tend to be more friendly and less imposing than a PC. While Linux
is a bit more hefty than popping in a BASIC language cartridge, at least it's
a start towards opening up consoles to the hobbyist programmer. It also
opens up the possibility of some really neat applications of the PS2 in the

Of course, YABasic (in Europe) and Artdink's Basic Studio are also nice

March 21, 2001

Robert came in today with a copy of Serious Sam by Croteam. The game is
a blast to play and to watch! By the second level Duffy had 5 guys watching
over his shoulder (there probably would have been more, but half the
company is out at CGDC). For $20, Serious Sam is a total deal.

Buy it! I want to see more games from Croteam! :)

March 19, 2001

Congratulations to the Tribes 2 team on going gold! I'll be picking it up as
soon as it hits the shelves! :)
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