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Name: Fred Nilsson
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November 8th 2004

The time has come for me to leave id Software and head back to the movie industry.

I couldn't of asked for a better experience in coming to the game industry.
I mean.... I got to work on Doom3..... !!!

The guys at id are super talented, and i'll absolutely miss being around every one of them.
Thanks Ms. Donna for always being in a good mood and keeping us all in check... and full of food.. =)
I learned a ton about the game industry and making games, and I am very gratefull for the opportunity to come out here and work with these guys..

I'll definately still be playing the games, and most likely hanging on IRC still. So don't be a stranger....

Anyone up for a game of q3tourney6_ctf?

Oh.. and don't think I won't be coming to Quakecon..

It was a very difficult decision, but in the end it just came down to me missing
working on film.
I'm heading to Dreamworks in LA.
The first movie I'll be working on is called "Over the Hedge"

Take care..

-Fredrik 'Fredo' Nilsson

June 29th 2003

It's been a long time since I've updated this thing.
I just wanted to give you guys 2 things I/we've had laying around for a while.

If some of you web-sites could put up mirrors.. that would be cool..

First off, a new pro- map. pro-q3tourney7.

It was a map I found in our old Quake3 archives, but was cut for one reason or another.
It had been started it long ago, but never finished it.. So I thought I'd give it a shot.
I believe it was being made as an homage to the Edge from Q2.. So it does have a
few similarities to that masterpiece which was q2dm1...

I loved the layout, and it seemed like it would play really well with some item tweaks,
and a few map adjustments.. Please excuse my non level designing skills, as it's not
the prettiest map. ;|

Oh, btw, Thanks to all the players who helped me figure out the "funnest" items/weapons.
I tried to get feedback from alot of the top players, as I wanted it to play well.

Here ya go.. <--goes in your /baseq3

Next up, a Team Arena map.. When we do find the time to play some Q3.. We usually still play
our favorite space map.. q3tourney6_ctf, which later became mpq3tourney6, and has now evolved into
mpteam9. It's a bit larger, with 2 floors on each base, a couple new ways off the base, and we added
a chaingun and a nailgun. Also a kamikazee, invuln sphere, and the quad alternate out on the middle platform..

It's really fun.. For any of you guys who still have Team Arena, give it a shot..
Maybe we'll get some games going on it at qcon.. =)
We played ppl at E3 on it .. at Nvidia's booth.. It was fun. <--goes in your /missionpack



Aug 14th 2001

I had a great time at Qcon.. This was my first one.
Many thanks to everyone who was involved.
Tapper and friends.. even with the power problems.. You guys pulled through and got it all up again..
Rhea and friends.. Thanx for running that tournament.. Everything seemed to go smoothly.
Apple and Nvidia.. Thanx for the Team CTF tourney.. and the 2on2 smackdown. Fun stuff..

Speaking of...
Here is the Team Arena Demo of our game against Abuse.. They beat PM in a way tense final
and then got to play us.. =)

Unzip it and place it in your /missionpack/demos directory.
If you don't have a demos directory under missionpack.. Create one...

Such a close game...

Congrats to Zero4.. You owned again..

I'm looking forward to next year..


Feb 1st 2001

Ohhhh.. My first plan update.. =)
Anyways.. I was just going to inform u
guys that I've put up a few stills from
the new IDlogo we did for Team Arena...

Kenneth Scott, Seneca Menard and I were approached to do a new logo for
Team Arena..

It started with a brainstorm session..(ideas/sketches)
Seneca then built/textured the models..
I began setting up and animating.. and messing with lighting/fx..
Seneca and I worked on it for about a week and half..
It was a fun little project..

I thought I'd post a few different stages..
And then a few Hires renders... is a rough sketch done by Kenneth Scott is another rough sketch done by Seneca Menard is the badass model that Senecea Built.. Look at all the detail... <-- Are a few hires renders


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