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I'd like to thank the moseleys and hammerdines that chirped up re:detective games, thanks a bunch -- I'm in the process of hunting them down, seeing how the genre has made the leap to gaming . .. though there is as yet no hard boiled detective shooter
*door opens a smidge*
and that's ok, I guess . . . because for now, I'm completely enamored of Clive Barker's Undying, a great game if ever there was one. I'd like to give a huge virtual pat on the back to that team -- you guys are some completely jake sumbitches. Kudos! I hope we see more in this vein -- FPS horror titles are too few and far between. -- and if you haven't picked it up yet, do so, it's erm, a humdinger, yes.

Since I'm stumbling over some shout-outs and the like, I'd like to clap for ye old Real Tournament chum Swartz, who snagged first place in the Rune mapping contest. (cheggit out -- http://www.runegame.com/community.php?loc=Contest and http://www.planetunreal.com/swartz/) Huzzah!

Also, a list of words I find presently echolaliacally engrossing:

abernathy smatter poonie

I had wanted to brush on the issue of creating game art based on photosource vs. entirely hand painted work, but I'm so busy sucking virtual face with my anima I can barely stand. So, next time perhaps.


I have been searching hi and lo for a good detective game -- is it possible this genre has not been tapped? I mean detective as in hard boiled fedora wearing gumshoes --- not Matlock. You know, the trenchcoat, starkly noir type of guy, always getting an eyefull of long games, kissing and maybe sometimes slapping dames, toting revolver, shooting tommy guns and maybe a shotgun on the rare occasion. And clues! And witty banter, see, a real clock setter.

I hereby declare that should I get the opportunity to make a game -- this will be it.

Also, what's up with Photoshop6? Am I the only one who thinks this program is a step towards squaring the wheel?
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