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RAZOR, Xistence Engine (v2.5)
I had a technical issue before which posted my old .plan file from few
weeks back, sorry!

And now for news, gossip, and ownage as CliffyB would say! Vs is
back and working on Razor. Literally days before E3, we had tons of bugs
in Razor and dev problems! The development tools we "were" using for the
creation of models crapped out, and Visual C++ 6.0 Pro decided it would
stop working after a detection of linux on my dev system (that is bs, I am
just annoyed with VC++). Every time I had loaded the workspace a GPF would
arise, how wonderful is that. After reinstalling it several times,
spending lots of time doing things, my frustration grew to hate MsVC++.

With all that in mind, I decided to scrap all the modelling utils and add
all the functionality into Fate needed to create models.

VS has some interesting new things in the works over the next few months,
stay tuned. BTW, there are no screenshots of RAZOR YET!


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No Plan.
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