Kevin Cloud
id Software | Artist | Jun 2, 2000, 12:39:41 (ET) |

Name: Kevin Cloud
Description: Artist
Project: Quake 3 Arena
It seems like every id game is marked with some great conflict.
Paul Steed is one of the most vocal and controversial people in
gaming. Therefore, it is not surprising that his departure from
id would also be controversial.

John and I have strongly disagreed in the past. We have worked
out our disagreements and we will do so again. In the end we are
all excited about working on DOOM and committed to making a great

Although Adrian and I alone made the decision to fire Paul, it
is the general opinion among the rest of id that we made the right
decision. Paul was not fired as a result of his support for DOOM.
Other people at id supported DOOM in the exact same manner. For
several reasons it was time for id software and Paul Steed to
part company.

This should have no reflection on Paul's talent as an artist.
It goes without saying that he is one of the best modeler/animators
in the gaming business.

As owners of this company, it is our responsibility to make these
types of difficult decisions. Adrian and I made the decision we
believe is in the best interest of the company.

John and I have agreed to disagree, put our differences behind us
and move on to make DOOM the best game we can make it.

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