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Project: if I tell you, I have to kill you

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haiku about chicken:

I like chicken
chicken is good
I like chicken

So!!! You think your Kung-Fu is pretty good! Fight me then!

Ok, it's getting a bit exciting now. E3 is coming up pretty quick. Lots to
do. Just completed the skin for Manon (the spiffy French resistance lady).
She looks pretty swell (not to toot my own horn or anything) just happy with
how the she turned out.
I'd like to see Manon and Lara Croft in a fight.
(I hear the French and the English don't care much for each other).
Been playing Black and White a bit. fun fun. My cow rocks. Enough of this
writing stuff. back to work.

Hello mr. plan file, have you missed me.

well it's been a while.

Medal of what??
ohhhhh Medal of Honor ok... yeah I've heard of it.
I bet it's going to be cool. (plug plug)

Saw Monsters inc. OHHH they are soo fuzzy i just want to pet them. that movie was pretty damn cool.

Saw "the one". Ohhh Jet li is soo fuzzy i just want to pet him. that movie was pretty damn weak. some cool effects though.

Haven't seen Harry Potter

enough of my movie reviews...shut up Ebert! get back in the box!!

So, I hear Wolfenstien is coming out pretty soon. COOOOL I am looking forward to playing it. ohhh nazi zombies are so fuzzy i just want to shoot them.

haiku about wolfenstien

I like zombie nazis
theyre fun to chew
oh my god there's a ferret in my pants!!

for those of you you feel the need to be informative about grammar and/or haiku form, or those who are bored enough to just want to write and tell me how stupid my plan update is....
please demonstrate your superiority by writing to someone else, because I can barely read anyway, and I might not understand what you are trying to say.
and yes these are run-on sentences.

they just put me in front of this computer with a wacom pad, and a drool cup and let me skin all these characters and vehicles. who says autism is bad??

I am the Abominable RainMAN
I am a texture autist

"yeah... Definetly 512 by 512 pixels>>>definetly 512 by 512"

again for those of you who have autistic relatives or are offended by that last statement.... ummm pick one of these.

a. I love you?
b. i'm not wearing underpants either
c. do you have any older sisters who might want to date a dork?... a divrced mother perhaps?
d. piss off
e. there is no none of the above..refer to (d.)

ok kids i'm outta heeere. I love my plan file and yes my plan file looooves me.

Brad step into my office, we need to talk.
2015, Inc....
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