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Position: Lead animator, North office; Programmer
Project: Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

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Happy Birthday to us, happy birthday to us...

Today marks three years from the day that the first seven of us here at 2015 started getting paid to develop games. Back then I was working out of a spare room in my house in Tasmania; four of the guys relocated to join Tom in what we pretended was our office, and Carl had to stay in Michigan to finish his semester at college. We've come a long way since then. Carl and I both relocated, we moved out of that old dump, erm, office, and into a real office, and we've hired dozens of people. We've grown out of the new office and filled up the office next door, and we're about to move again. Hopefully the future hold more big things for us :)

We're still looking for a kick-ass animator to join the Medal of Honor: Allied Assault team. Anyone out there who has serious character animation skills, please drop me a line with some examples of your work, or a link to somewhere I can see them. Industry experience is not necessary, as long as you can animate people to look real. The details of the position would depend on what you have done and what you can do, but rest assured that this would be a good career move for you :)

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