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Carson Utz
Nihilistic | Level Designer | Feb 26 2001, 20:17:33 (ET) |
Nihilistic Software

User Name.........riscchip
Full Name.........Carson Utz


Shameless, off-topic, abuse of .plan file:

There are lots of different kinds of songs one can get stuck in their head: Annoying ones, songs you love and have listened to a thousand times, etc. The most frustrating for me, though, are the ones in television commercials that I either like or dislike, but can't identify. I'm not alone here. There are a number of web sites with forums designed for solving this problem specifically, like and The Add Man.

Well, I've reached a new level of frustration with a recent commercial for Citibank, or to be specific. The add shows a guy standing outside playing the ukelele and singing. You've probably seen it and payed it no heed. However, in my case, I've got the song the guy is singing stuck in my head.

Once again, I'm not alone. There are numerous posts here and there on various forums asking about the song. Nobody has been able to identify it yet. This is probably because the song is not part of a post-production recorded soundtrack, but being performed by the actor in the commercial itself. The song probably existed before the commercial--just an intuition on my part--but might have been written for the commercial.

Any information leading to the identification of this song and the name of the original performer would be greatly appreciated: the company that produced the commercial, the guy in the commercial, the director, the actor(singer), etc.

The lyrics in the commercial are:

"Why fly to Kauai when you can be with me in Waikiki?"

Any info? Email me:

The question is, if I find this information about the song, will it leave my head...


Early next week Nihilistic Software will be moving from our old, overly "intimate" accomodations to a new bigger, badder, better building down the road. The new place is literally within walking distance of the old. I haven't been around long enough to feel nostalgic about the old place, and the new place is great, so I'm psyched.

The first thing we did was have it painted a dark shade of gray. The painters couldn't believe we wanted to do it. Then we had an even darker blue carpet installed. Those factors, combined with the complete absence of light that generally goes along with game development, and we're going to need our spelunking gear to go to work. Very cool.

I'm still pulling for a shark tank in the reception area...

Anyway, communications with us may be an issue early next week, so I figured this was worth mentioning.

Then again, everything may go smoothly...


Greetings. This is my first .plan file update at Nihilistic, and I'm
afraid I don't have anything thrilling or significant to say. However,
I've never had a .plan before (that I know of) and couldn't resist.

I just wanted to note that a lot of folks are still trying to email
me at my Red Orb Entertainment email address, which is officially
defunct. It may still work, but I have no access to it, so please use my
new Nihilistic address or home email if you need to get a hold of me.

I've only been at Nihilistic a few days now, and I'm already loving
it here. If you focused all of the talent here down into a single
beam of energy, you could probably melt through a foot of solid steel.
It's the best.

Anyway, thus concludes my first .plan. Next time I'll hopefully have
something more interesting to say.

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