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Nullsoft | Town Drunk | Aug 20, 2001, 17:21:19 (ET) |
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Nothing much happening here. Had a root canal on friday. pain. pain.

Didn't go anywhere the whole weekend.

Noticed that Best Buy is selling a dvd burner. hmmmmmm...... if anyone knows about such
things and how i may be able to make "back ups" of my current dvd collection perhaps you
could drop me a line and fill me in.

My webcam is back up so all of you peeps can take a peek of me at work. lovely stuff that is.

Tom Pepper's birthday is coming up and we all know how much he likes really weird smut so feel
free to send him your nastiest stuff over email

All for now. Be sure to listen to love buzz
and chez whitey SHOUTcast stations. If
you loved me you would do it.

-jonathan "nothing much to say" ward


Helluva week here. All kinds of weird shit trying to get the site live but we are on the
cusp. Happy times.

Going to have something special on Chez Whitey mid-month. The supreme lounge singer/comic
Richard Cheese has agreed to let us have a Listening party with his music along with a
simultaneous chat in the Chez Whitey lounge on

I am turning 30 this month. Woooohooooo!!!!!!!! Can't decide what I should do to make the
day special. Feel free to email me with suggestions or just drop me a b-day hello.

Jonathan "old man" Ward


Ninja month is winding down. So sad. The whole crew kicked a lot of ass in getting
the whole thing together. What can we do next? hmmmmm.........

Just started a new SHOUTcast station called Love Buzz. An homage to my old college days.
Check it out: LOVE BUZZ

Much love. AIM me with requests for either station.

Jonathan "SHOUTcaster" Ward

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