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What's new :

- 12/30/2001

Merry christmas, happy new year!

I just gave the final touch to my last CBP divagations, enjoy:
A Naturalistic Pseudo Free Will for Artificially Conscious Agents

What I'm working on right now :

- Winamp 3's GUI, DB, Script & Skin system
- Some CBP research (see url above)

In the back of my mind there is :

- My family, always
- My friends, also
- My job, more than I'd sometime like it to
- A BPM detection algorithm that uses pulsar detection code
- A skinned/scripted shell using the wasabi gui engine
- A lot of small ideas for winamp3 scripts
- More...


- What the heck is a guru meditation?
- Who/What is AEGiS? > A bunch of friends really, we used to have BBSes long ago (ahh nostaligia) and we were very productive in these days. Now this URL and #aegis/IRCnet are our permanent HQs.
- What are you reading these days ? > The Counscious Mind by David Chalmers. This book is literally an event in my life.
- Are you a trekkie or a trekker ? > Neither, I'm just a star trek fan.
- Why are your hair girlie ? > Why not ?
- Where do you come from in France ? > Many places, my familly lives in the Basque Country, but I lived many years in Paris, and before that Montpellier and Niort.
- Do you still participate in Litestep ? > No, the entire merit goes to the Litestep Dev Team which took the project when I abandonned it and rewrote all of it.
- Why didn't you answer my mail ? > Well, I'm very busy, and maybe I forgot, what about you try again ? :)
- Why are you writing a FAQ about yourself exactly ? > Coz I'm highly egocentric. You see, people have webpages about themselves, I only have a .plan, so I guess it's not so bad.
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