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All good things come to an end, and my time at Ion is one of those
things. I have decided to move back to California where I can
spend more quality time with my son. It was a difficult decision,
but everyone here at Ion has been very supportive. I know I will
look back on my time working on Anachronox as a career highlight.
It's easily the best game I've ever had the opportunity to work
on. I know it will be a huge success. I know this because it's
truly a labor of love for every member of this team. We've always
been quiet about Anox with the media, but these guys deserve a lot
of attention. Heart and soul has been poured into this game with
reckless abandon, and I am certain that attention will be showered
upon them when the game is released. Now, I join the ranks of all
the other Anox fans out there, anxiously waiting for the day when
Anachronox will grace the shelves of my local computer game store.

Thank you, and Goodbye,
Andrew Thomas
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